…chocolate covered strawberries.

If you’d ask me to describe my relationship with A, I’d say we are like a chocolate covered strawberry.

Chocolate = awesome (A)
Strawberries = delicious (me)
Chocolate + strawberries = awesome delight (A & me)

The thing about them is though, that it takes patience to make them. It takes a good eye to pick out the perfect strawberries and it takes a good understanding of chocolate to create the perfect chocolate.

Sometimes, if you are too eager to make them, the chocolate gets clumpy and if you don’t watch out, the strawberries might be rotten. And even if you manage to create the perfect chocolate covered strawberry, you still have to make sure that they stay refrigerated, so they don’t go bad.
Relationships are like that too, you might be the perfect strawberry and your partner the perfect combination of the most delicious chocolate but if you don’t watch out, the chocolate might burn and all you have left then is a bland tasting strawberry.

A and I do have difficult times and every now and then we struggle with the distance, we struggle with work and school, we struggle with our relations and we struggle with ourselves. Usually I turn to my strawberry field, look for support from my stem, try to regain my strength. Sometimes this is more difficult than other times, we don’t always get what we look and wish for. Sometimes we get lost in the sea of strawberry seeds and cocoa beans and we try to look out for each other.

Those difficult times are inevitable and it seems like they won’t pass but in the long run I know they are just a short part of our lives, like the wait for the chocolate to melt, so you can dip the strawberries. But it is always worth the wait, it is worth to go through all the trouble of finding the perfect strawberries and trying out different chocolates to create the best chocolate. And once you dip the strawberries in the chocolate and refrigerate them, they stay awesome forever (that is if you are strong enough to not eat them all in one sitting).

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