Valentine’s ain’t over.

I understand that November until March can be a pretty miserable time. I for my part have to get up before the sun rises and get home after the sun sets (I can imagine that you too have to go through that). And it’s depressing, no doubt about that.
Although there is no evidence, I believe that Valentine’s was created especially for that purpose. We all know the story of Saint Valentine and we know what he accomplished, we heard that story over and over again. Usually it’s the bitter, lonely girl that tells that story to little children in a day care, school or at home, when she gets to babysit her niece (no offense). But see, the reason she tells the story is because she is the one longing for the perfect guy to marry, she’s hoping for that drama and that she too would have to find St. Valentine’s to pronounce her and Mr. Perfect husband and wife. Been there, done that.
So I think, Valentine’s (the actual day) was created to spread some love, some happiness. It gives gals and guys equally something to look forward to because they know that they can brighten up each other’s day. Teddy bears, candy, chocolate, red roses, heart shaped-balloons, you name it. And for a nano-second you forget that it’s the middle of February and the weather is miserable and you actually have the spring fever.
I – for my part – didn’t get any teddy bears, heart shaped balloons or chocolates. We did go out though on Valentine’s and we spent a romantic evening together downtown. We also strolled along hand in hand in some shady streets, in a near distance we heard a rather wonderful baritone singing (very unusual) and we re-connected, we enjoyed each other’s company.
However this didn’t make me fall in love with A all over again. Even if he would have surprised me with a 5-pound-chocolate bar or the biggest bouquet of red roses he could possibly find, none of that would have mattered.
I did get reminded though of how great my love for A was just the night before. We laid in bed together and started brain-storming about our future, of possible scenarios and the what-if game and we got really creative. Honestly, I can’t remember any specifics, mainly because A started making jokes about our lives together and I started laughing. He had me laughing so hard, I could hardly breath, tears streaming down my cheeks and he then too started laughing.
This is why I love A, because after 2 years he still makes me laugh hard and it makes me happy because what’s the use in being with someone if they don’t make you laugh?
So, yes, I don’t need a Valentine’s day to be reminded why I am with A, all we need is a lot of love and laughter.
P.S. A few days earlier A surprised me with this wonderful bouquet of flowers!! (that of course helps too with the love and the laughter…)

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