Saying goodbye never comes easy.

This will be a short one.

We have a little over 48 hours left together before my flight leaves back to Austria, sadness kicked in a few days ago and although I try to remain strong, it’s difficult and it gets to me, when ever I look at A. In the last month he’s done so much for me and for us and it makes me happy to be with him and it breaks my heart knowing that in a couple days from now I will have to get up without him next to me.

“I don’t think I have ever been as happy about saying goodbye to you as this time, you know that?”, that’s what A said yesterday and of course I was startled. I would have never used happy and saying goodbye in the same sentence…
He went on with his speech, “the next time I get to see you, we’ll be moving in together and it will be great. I finally don’t have to say goodbye anymore then… ever again.”

We don’t know when this will happen but we know, it will happen. We have to believe it…
Although we can’t predict the future, A is right. The next time I get to see him, we will be one step closer to our future together… and then we made wings for the fish.

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