…the best of both worlds.

A Chinese tale tells the story of two lovers who were never able to be together. They are called night and dayIn the magic hours of dusk and dawn they touch lightly and meet almostbut it never really happensIf you listen carefully, they say, you would be able to hear their groaning and see the sky redden by their rageThe tale says that the gods were kind enough to grant them a moment of happiness from time to time and therefore would have created solar and lunar eclipsein which they could love each other.

It was about 4.30 am and I was sitting in the yet still cold sand and gazing into the distance, enjoying the view, breathing in the fresh clean air. The world was stretched out in front of me and all of a sudden I knew – although I don’t exactly know how – but I knew, that today was going to be a good day.

I don’t live anywhere remotely close to the beach and I think the only real way to enjoy a sunrise is indeed at the beach. Although we do get pretty sunrises in the city too, it never gives me quite the same feeling I get at the beach, no matter how hard I try.
So when ever I go to the beach I make sure to get up super early (at least one day) just to catch the sunrise.

Last year A and I went to the Outer banks and were fortunate enough to share one breathtaking sunrise together. A was grumpy that morning and slowly moving, he murmed something like, “my vacation… hate getting up early… coffee”, where else I was jumping out of our bed and running out on the deck, almost toppling down the stairs just so I could find the perfect spot in the sand for us to witness the wonderful magic that was about to happen. After what seemed like an eternity A finally made his way out to me. He sat down and grunted, “…where is it?!” I pointed out at the ocean and told him, “it’s coming, soon, just wait for it…”

He put his arm around me and said sarcastically, “glad you woke me for this…”
We sat in silence for a while, anticipating the sunrise, watching the seagulls hunt little crabs, seeing hungry fish jumping out of the water and there… it was. The darkness slowly brightened up, a little orange, a little purple, a little yellow, a little red… simply breathtaking. A tilted his head to the right and looked as though he has never seen a sunrise before in his life. I started to smile, there it was indeed, his new found appreciation of new beginnings, because that’s what it is… What it’s always been. Every day is a new beginning.
We are not night and day, because now still, they are not together. There are nights that seem like an eternity and there are days where hours fly by but even then, there is always a distinction between night and day. We too struggle every day with the most simplest tasks and we too await “our time”. We knew from the very beginning that this wasn’t going to be easy but we also knew that A and I are like the bird and the fish and one day we will both mutate into a mixture of a sea bass and an owl… into the best of both worlds.

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