Spoiled milk.

If I would have to compare our relationship, I’d say it’s a lot like a milk carton sitting in your fridge for weeks and weeks… but in the best possible way.
Soooo, why would anyone in a happy and functioning relationship ever compare their bonding to something so gross?
See, when milk spoils it doesn’t get worse. It’s spoiled, you can’t use it anymore, it doesn’t magically reverse the process of spoiling. It doesn’t magically taste good, it doesn’t soften its’ texture anymore. No one will drink it anymore (under normal circumstances). If you do happen to pour yourself a glass of that milk, you’ll immediately regret it and don’t even think twice before tossing the carton. Every now and then you’ll mention this happening to your friends and tell them to be careful with dairy products sitting in your fridge for too long.
A and I are just like that. We are the spoiled milk (to be clear). But why?
We only get to see each other 4 1/2 months out of the year, the rest of the year we have to be okay with emailing, skyping, texting, facebooking, phone calls (thanks again technology to make this even possible). We knew that from the very beginning, we knew that this was going to be very hard work and we knew that we both will have to be equally commited to each other but also to ourselves. We knew we had to be honest with us, otherwise we wouldn’t work… otherwise we wouldn’t be able to spoil.
When we first got together we both didn’t know where this relationship was supposed to go, we didn’t know if we would make it and we both wondered if we were only fooling ourselves or if we could actually make this work. How could you be sure that you of all people would be able to make it? Obviously the feelings were there from the very beginning but HOW do you proof that? How can you tell this story, how can you tell your family and friends that you are in a commited long-distance relationship, not able to see your significant other for months and months at a time without seeming like a complete nutjob? (You can’t…)
BUT we made it so far and there is no doubt in my mind that one day soon we’ll be completely gross together… (in the best possible way). We’ll be united, we’ll be spoiled milk, we’ll be a unity with a funky smell. We’ll be the tossed carton.
If you let the milk sit long enough in your fridge, eventually you won’t be able to pour the milk out anymore (to be green – of course – you would totally pour the milk out and then put the carton together with the plastic trash).
Even if you flush the spoiled milk down the toilet or if you turn on the water to let the milk run down the sink, the last thing you’ll see going down the drain are bits and pieces of clumpy spoiled  gross milk, (not to mention the funky disgusting smell). But to conclude this excursion, it stays together. The clumps, they stick together…

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