I dare you to say goodbye.

We finally made it. We finally got here. We’re finally moving in together.
We’re finally packing our things, finally throwing the last few bits and pieces into our suitcases and finally driving off to the airport…
But hold on a second there.
We’ve been anticipating this moment for – dare I to say it? – years now and now finally, we’re here. Leaving on an airplane. Tears were shed already but this didn’t take anyone by surprise, did it?

This calls for a great celebration, doesn’t it?
We’re inviting each and every one of you to celebrate with us. All over the world, please join us in this happy farewell. You will find out our plans in only a few hours, which is when I will post the place we’re moving to, so stay tuned!

Oh and to all my relatives out there, who eagerly read my blog – don’t even bother calling my mom and ask her for specifics, she has clear instructions to not tell anyone where we’re moving to, if you want to find out, you just have to be a wee bit more patient 🙂

Can’t wait for you to find out!
With much love,
J and A.

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