The good, the bad and the extra income.

I do not own a lot. I own a few but valuable books, some pictures and photographs that I created and took, some school records… I have to admit though I do own many DVDs and yes, VHS, tons of CDs and yes, some cassettes. I own a dresser, a sofa, a bookshelf and a desk. Oh and yes, of course, tons of clothes, purses and shoes but I am a girl, so that’s okay. I am also okay with tossing what ever is not needed anymore or what ever – due to fashion – is not okay to wear anymore.

Now A on the other hand owns about half a library, about 7 different dish sets, enough clothes (different sizes!) to be able to open a fashion store and yes, he could also open up an antique store (antiques range from the early 1600 up to last century) as well. On the rare weekends that A is (or I should actually say ‘was’) off, he actually would have been able to open up a restaurant/bakery as well, since my bird loves cooking so much.

For some odd reason I am emotionally attached to electronics. I could not live a day without my iPod or my laptop, one of the two has to be working properly, otherwise I am at loss. And yes, if I were to be sentenced to live on a lonely island all by myself, my iPod would be my number one choice to take with me among my three things. Other than that I am good. A toothbrush would be nice as well but it doesn’t have to be electronic.
If you would sentence A to a lonely live, three wishes granted, he would choose to have the biggest library on that island… Sometimes, I think his apartment is indeed a lonely island.

Needless to say, that the packing is going extraordinarily well… (watch out for the sarcasm) and every book put away only leads to another 5683 books that yet have to be packed. That doesn’t only go for the books, it also goes for kitchen appliances, furniture, miscellaneous stuff, clothes, take your pick. Every evening, morning, day, night is a battle of the ‘what to keep and what to toss’ gladiators. Yes, that’s what we’re at now. So moving to Oslo has it’s good sides, us finally being able to live together, us not having to say goodbye anymore… it also has it’s bad sides… Getting A to say goodbye to many of his collectibles, although they are only collectibles to him… and the best part about it? Thanks to all the things, that I am allowed to get rid of, we actually do have an extra income… Which of course will be spend on more collectibles, once we’re in Oslo.

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