The really really ridiculously good looking Mars-bars-super-hero.

When it comes down to it A and I are still just a bird and a fish – but every good story needs a super hero. Neither A nor I possess any super hero traits or powers unless being OCD or the ability to eat a gallon of ice cream in one sitting counts as a super power.

My special super hero is the Mars-bars-super-hero. He is just simply awesome. The rich sugary creaminess of awesomeness – although that kinda sounds dirty… But there is more to a super hero than just being really really ridiculously good looking (which of course he is) and being able to lift 5 boxes filled with super heavy encyclopedias at once. What makes Mars-bars my personal super-hero? Is it his love for European Mars bars? Is it his wit, his jokes, his patience, his insights, his obsession with organized sports, (the ones where players commonly slap each others’ asses)? Is it his love for ice cream? Yes, honestly, that’s what makes him a super hero in the first place, but it is also his good nature and, of course, his patience. Because when I’m not around, he’s the one that keeps A sane with cigar nights, dollar-hot-dogs at the ball park and other social activities that kept A from obsessing over things he can’t influence (e.g. the job search).

Thank you Mars-bars-super-hero, thank you for everything you have done for us and thanks for being awesome. Thanks for always being close and thank you for following our Mars-bars-hollers when ever we’re in terrible need of some awesomeness in our lives. Thank you for your love for Mars bars, how else would we be able to keep you around?

On a different note, both A and I are very sad for not being able to attend the super-hero wedding this October! Because, guess what, two of our most favorite super heroes are getting married on October 1st this year and they will then be united as Mars-bars-super-heroes and all their little super hero children will be called Twix-bars, Snickers-bars and Reese’s cup… man I wish I had such an obsession with candy bars.

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