I’m a country-man alright.

Monday, August 8th
6 a.m., A and I just finished breakfast and are headed down to Pennsylvania, 12 hours of a car ride. The goal: to get to A’s brother asap to crash on his couch.
To be honest I barely remember what we talked about that night and what we have done, I just remember children running around, having some food and falling asleep pretty early.
A and I decided to finish packing the following morning, before we had to head to Philadelphia to catch our flight. Was that a smart idea? Probably not but we followed through anyways.

Tuesday, August 9th
Rain, rain go away, come again another day. The tune kept spinning around in my head. 8 am, rain was pouring down like crazy, thunder here and there, we were barely able to look out the windshield. And we still had to drive 4 hours to get to Philadelphia. At some point the weather actually decided to give us a break and gradually stopped, lucky us, huh? Weeeeell, not really. By the time we reached Phili, we turned on the weather channel and guess what, it was following us… Was this a sign? An omen?
12.00: Our Mars-bars-superhero agreed to meet us at a coffee-shop and drop us off at the airport but before that – the undoable – the sell of A’s grey Yaris. Now to fully understand this story, I have to back up a little. Sometime in July A decided to drive up to the dealership he bought his car from and asked them if they would buy his car back which, Mack Jurphy agreed to do. A made sure that the only thing he would have to do is drop off the car and be able to leave, Mack Jurphy was fine with that as well. So when we came back on Tuesday, Mack Jurphy had no idea who A was and what he wanted – big surprise, huh? After 45 minutes of explaining what we wanted, he finally remembered and told us, there would be a little wait. A’s flight was leaving at 6.50 mine left at 10.10 so we had about 2 hours to spare before we had to leave to be at the airport on time. Mack Jurphy was fully aware of that however not helpful in the process of speeding things up. 2 1/2 frustrating hours later we decided to go ahead and leave for the airport, A made final arrangement with douche-face and off we were to the airport. Thankfully our superhero is an extraordinarily good driver, he kept us save. Maybe I should change his name into our guardian angel? He protected us from the nightmare, that the news kept calling ‘weather’…. rain? No… monsoon… yes. It kept getting worse and worse and the traffic didn’t really help us either. A bazillion cars sitting and not moving, a bazillion cars swept away by this weathery mess and us, being tight on time and stuck in the middle. But as always, our Mars-bars-superhero saved our lives again and somehow managed for us to be on time at the airport.
We got us checked in and off we were to Austria.

Wednesday, August 10th – and the following days:
A has never been to Austria in the summer, and that – you might agree – is the most beautiful time to visit my home country. So when he in the first time ever saw my beautiful garden with all its’ herbs and veggies and fruits, he was more than thrilled. He kept sneaking off and stealing fruits when ever he could. He would even jump into my neighbor’s garden just to try some of their fruits but I asked him not to… You can imagine it would be kind of hard to explain why he would do that… So one day we went for a hike and as usual, A ate everything he could possibly find. At one point he scared away a hare and some quails just so he could reach for the fruits on a bush they were hiding under. On the way back to my house he looked at me, his hands all sticky from the fruits he just enjoyed and said, “I’m a country-man alright, I’ll eat all the fruits and veggies, I’d plant my own little garden… but for now, can we rush home? I want to play Mario kart on the wii.”

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