First impressions, first expressions

We got the basics fairly quick, takk and vær så snill, unnskyld meg. Nonetheless we are far from having a normal conversation with a native. A and I still are playing the ‘I’m an American, therefore I speak English’ card, which so far didn’t exactly put us in good standing with the natives but at least they understand our puzzled facial expressions and our attempts to converse in English. Although, I have to admit A and I have been trying to study Norwegian and with any luck the next post will be written in Norsk.

To be honest, we are in paradise. Granted, I wouldn’t mind more welcoming warmth and heat from the sun, though it provides us with plenty of sunlight deep into the night and I also, I wouldn’t mind if the weather fairy would be so kind and cut the next three winters here veeeery short but other than that, yes, we are in paradise.

For the last month or so A and I have been together nonstop. Like never apart, not even for a single minute and here is the crazy thing, he doesn’t drive me crazy. No, he drives me mad… I am crazy mad for A, every morning when I wake up and I turn around and I see A’s face, I am amazed. I am happy, I am home. I think this is one reason why the weather can’t diminish my good mood.
We have been exploring our new geographical home, we found a new – most wonderful place – to live at, we tried to take it all in, the hiking, the shopping, the endless walks… Seriously Norwegians, why are your streets not straight? Uphill and downhill as if all you wanted to do is provide a proper exercise trail for all the crazy marathon runners and bike riders. We are indulging into our new lives.

So yes, my first impressions of the cold North are wonderful so far, I wouldn’t change a single minute about it but then again, winter’s not here yet.


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