The Martinsens

The Martinsens were a nice couple, I imagine. They’ve traveled quite a lot and have been all over the place, at least according to all the framed pics and some of the artwork that we took off the walls.

One of the Martinsens was a musical genius, or at least somewhat good and loved the violin and the guitar. The other one loved doilies. Both of them seemed passionate about a clean and organized home and apparently they also couldn’t really get rid of random chairs (we have about 20 mismatched chairs and are currently recreating the happy un-birthday tea-party). Mr. Martinsen isn’t with us anymore and Mrs. Martinsen moved to a long-term care facility and left us with her wonderful 150m² apartment close to Oslo’s center city. So yes, we got iiiincredibly lucky and since you guys have been so patient with us and the update of our living arrangements, we wanted to share our apartment news with you. So this is our new apartment:

 the red room
(one of our many seating options (as you can see 3 chairs right there), named after the color of the sofa and soooo cozy)

the wooden room
(if we run out of wood, we can still use the furniture in this ‘room’ and still be warm and cozy in our humongous living room – and yes, you saw right, it’s a fire place RIGHT next to the wooden room)

Mounsea-enjoywonderful’s room
(so wonderful to see the mountains and the sea at the very same time and being able to enjoy meals and little dances outside… yes, we dance outside, to A’s version of ‘my funny valentine’ – did I mention lately that I absolutely love A?) 

the bookshelf 
(I’m sure at one point we will actually be able to read those books without a dictionary…)

So this little fellow… What is this? That’s what we wondered too…
A Dryer from the… 50ies?
Coolest invention ever, we yet have to try it out though.
Yes, we got really lucky with our apartment, we absolutely love it, after all, how can you not, with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen so big, both A and I could be in there at the same time, which up to now we have never been able to – also, although we were able to cook at the same time, we chose not too – too many cooks in the kitchen… We have enough space to not step on each other’s toes all the time and still all we do is sit next to each other on a tiny little green love seat.
It’ll still take some time to get used to the Norwegian language, the ridic high grocery prices, the super cheap but wonderful fruits and veggies and all the walking (since that’s what you do, build a bus/tram/t-bane stop somewhere in the middle of nowhere and then walk 15 minutes to where ever you have to go).
We yet have to explore all the nature that surrounds us and one day we will hike the 11km to enjoy the magnificent view from the mountains but for now we sit down in one of our comfy chairs, drink a cup of tea and enjoy the most wonderful view.

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