The third week of September.

We have been together in Oslo for about a month now and my calendar is stuffed with appointments. Tons and tons of appointments, every day. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I have to go several doctor’s appointments and it’s certainly not like I have that many job interviews or several meetings or anything like that. No, that’s not the case at all.

However, how did the calendar so stuffed?

At the end of May the TV schedule changes dramatically, instead of new episodes of several shows, all you get to see are booooring reruns on every single channel. You are left with a huge question mark about what ever show you watch and you are dieing to find out what the next episode is like, how the new season develops. You start thinking about how they could progress from there, what could happen next, when the new episodes will be out, how long the season will make it, and and and….

The good thing about it though is, you go out more often, you go to the library more often, rent movies, maybe even expand your genres and start watching different shows. June passes, July passes and about mid August you get bored. What do you do now? Watch reruns again? Go to the movies, sit in a theater with the same old uncomfortable chairs, your parents probably sat in when they were younger, a undefined odor in the air, just to watch a movie, which funny moments have been given away by several TV-adds? No, thank you.

So naturally by the end of September I get veeery excited about a new TV-series season. Every week new episodes with my most favorite characters. I got several invites on fb, for the season premieres, without a question I clicked ‘I’m attending’. So this week, my calendar is stuffed with tons and tons of season premieres. Starting of with How I met your mother – tonight. Obviously I am super eager to find out what happens to Ted & Co. Is Barney really getting married? What happens to Robin? Are Lili and Marshall trying to have kids again? I don’t know and I will find out sooooo soon.

Not soon enough though… I forgot to mention, since I live in Oslo now, I will have to wait until tomorrow to watch the new episode. Stupid time difference.

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