Superhero 101

It all started with a movie called ‘the ghost rider’. I’m sure you heard of it, Nicholas Cage saving the world from Mephisto and his son.

After that we watched the more current stuff, the X-men origins (and I finally know how Professor X landed in his wheelchair). I understand now how Magneto and Professor X’s feud started (also Kevin Bacon, as usual the bad-ass, bravo!) and I now know that Mystique had a crush on Xavier, although that was never confirmed. I also know that Wolverine – who much to my dismay was not named after a wolf but after a wolverine – has a brother, who’s name is Sabretooth, and they haven’t been getting along too well. As a child I was never allowed to look at or touch any of my older brother’s comics. All I got to see was my brother’s superhero moves, who somehow don’t deliver as well.

However I now know that Nick Fury (good job getting Samuel L. Jackson!) – not so furry but more furious – started his special force group, starring Iron Man, Thor, Captain America AND the incredible Hulk. Isn’t that something? I wish Samuel L. Jackson could play in every movie ever made, just because of his intensity. Do I need to say more than ‘Pulp fiction’?

But to not get too carried away, let’s get back to our superheroes: You got the ocd Tony Stark, crafting his very own indestructible suit after being captured for several months and almost killed. He then build a shiny blue thing that apparently keeps him alive (new technology stuff) but it comes with a very dark side, that thing poisons his body but – as usual – somehow he manages to create something even better, that saves then his live and the rest of the world.

Tony Stark also helped with constructing a machine that turns Steve Rogers into Captain America. To not get confused, it’s Howard Anthony Stark, the father, who saw what the machine can do to a human body and it was his son, Anthony Edward Stark who then became Iron Man. Amazing, isn’t it? How it all comes together so well. Apparently Steve Rogers survived a very long and cold winter after wrecking a red-skull airplane.

We yet have to see how Thor amazes us and then?

You can see, how A and I both are waiting for next May to come here quickly… Why? You ask WHY two grown up people, who obviously spend way too much time obsessing about superhero movies wait for next spring to come quickly?

Here’s your anser:

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