I am so proud of you, Grandma.

My grandma is the greatest woman I have ever known. She’s a strong-headed woman, a stubborn woman, a woman with so much love, words wouldn’t be able to express it. A family-person, a great cook (aren’t all grandmas?), a wonderful story-teller, someone who always listens and has the biggest of all hearts.

She’s been always the first to help, the first to laugh with, cry with and help me and every other person in my family. She isn’t perfect, in no way but in every way do I, do we all, love her.

The last few years have been difficult for all of us, how do you recover from bad news? Cry out loud? Pretend to be happy? Tell yourself everything is going to be okay, although you know better? Look at stats and study them, thinking to yourself, “My grandma is not one of the cancer-stats-candidates.” Doctor says, ‘5 years tops’ and you scream in his face, ‘No, not my grandma, she’s not one of the stats, she’ll show you’. And the worst part about it? You are helpless, what ever you do, nothing is going to cure her cancer, you know that and she knows it. My grandma, being the strongest person I know, allowed herself to be hurt, she allowed all the pain to rush through and then she said, ‘Stop! I am not done with my life yet.’

This past weekend reality came knocking on my door, the doctors didn’t know if she will recover from a recent outburst of the illness, no one knows what to do but to pray and hope that tomorrow will be a better day. And tomorrow indeed was a better day, for all of us. She still is battling  but the doctor’s are more positive now. We all stand behind her and say, ‘Stop! She is not done with her life.” And the greatest gift my grandma ever gave me? The strength to stand with her, by her side and tell them all, that she indeed is not one of the stats. She indeed will be the last one standing.

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