How do you spell heaven? W-A-F-F-L-E

A and I went through a little rough patch in November, not so much because of us but because of the circumstances. A got the the amazing opportunity to study in Maastricht, while I – got the almost as equally amazing opportunity – to stay in Oslo and study Norwegian, which, of course, was amazing (I think…).

To treat ourselves a little bit, we decided to meet up in Brussels, after A’s classes.

It was an early Friday but since I haven’t seen A for such a long time, it didn’t matter. I left early enough to catch my plane and yet again was super happy to travel without any luggage (I feel like Norwegians don’t want to stay in Oslo over the weekend, is it the unbearable cold? The darkness, the rain, the quiet…? What is it?)

A couple hours later I arrived in Brussels and I walked for what seemed an eternity just to reach the train that would lead me into the city. As I was walking and walking and walking I thought to myself, this is a really nice airport. I bet the city is just as nice… That – sadly – was not the case, but more on that later.

Once I reached the northern part of the city I was amazed. So many homeless people, so many people who openly use drugs, so many houses that need to be fixed, so much of everything that just cries out for a change for the better. Sadly, no help to be found. I wandered around hours and hours, not because I wanted to run through the rainy, cold, loud messy, dark and to me unfamiliar streets of Brussles. No, I simply couldn’t find my hotel. I seriously got lost, at one point I wasn’t even sure I was still in Belgium.

After two hours of running around, I decided to follow a stream of people who seemed to know where they were going and sure enough, ten minutes later I was at my hotel. I went up to my room, laid down and slept for a long time. The exhaustion crawled up in every bone of my body. I was tired, hungry and beat but then, a knock on the door. I was a bit confused, did I sleep through the night? What time was it? Is it time to go home already?

No… It was A-time!!! Finally after 3 weeks without A, after a day that seemed to get worse by the minute, was I able to hug A again.

After explaining everything to him, that happened that day and in the past 3 weeks (loneliness, boredom, hunger – since I can’t cook, and being afraid of every sound at the apartment…) A told me to get ready, he had a big surprise for me. So I did and we left and A meant to show me the prettier parts of the city… But more on that some other time.

That night we ended up in a pub. While I sat down and ordered drinks, A went out only to return 5 minutes later, with a little piece of heaven on earth in Brussles – now I know why people love it here:


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