The Polar-Brussels-Light-Show

Norway doesn’t get much light during the winter (yeah, quite shocking, isn’t it?). We are thankful for every extra minute, every extra second, every extra light – sometimes a flash light does it.

So when traveling to Brussels we noticed that – quite to our amazement – they don’t have that much more light in the winter either (some people would call it common sense). We walked in the cold darkness, our mouths watering over the most delicious little delightful chocolate-treats while stuffing ourselves with countless waffles. Gazing at Christmas lights, all of a sudden being stuck in a very vivid nightlife and strolling past many many many wonderful-smelling restaurants, yes, Brussels has it’s nice sides as well.

Quite to my amazement, while A and I were chitchatting, pointing out several shops chocolate-figures in several chocolate stores while eating chocolate, I glimpsed what I first thought to be the Batman-Call up in the air, then I realized, there were several lights, flashing into the darkened sky. Naturally – the kid in me – ran towards the light, A somewhat running behind me. He called after me, asking me, what was going on, why I was running and I just pointed up the sky. A few minutes later we found ourselves at the grand place, in between millions and millions of people. In the middle of the place was a huge Christmas tree surrounded by a wooden stage where people sat down and walked on. So A and I sat down too and then we laid down and watched the most amazing night-sky-light-show we could have ever imagined. It was like a light-theater joined by music from the pirates from the Carribean, Lord of the rings and Harry Potter, just amazing. A and I were laying next to each other, holding each other’s hand, fighting the cold and still just incredibly happy.

And then Kyle from Manchester. If I would have been younger, like 16, I would have felt flattered by his attention. But being a bit older than that and enjoying a wonderful moment with A, I simply felt annoyed. Mainly because I couldn’t understand his accent, seriously Manchester? How is anybody supposed to understand you guys? Kyle from Manchester was in his early 20ies, looking for a good time, traveling through Europe. He also had no intention of shutting up what so ever. He then asked us to join him for a beer but both A and I immediately thought of a million reasons how to get out of this offer. In the end A coughed a wee bit and said, he was getting sick… We then said our goodbyes and went our ways.

A few weeks later, back in Oslo, as I was walking home late evening, I looked up and realized the sky wasn’t dark. I looked around, to make sure there was no huge light source that would cause the different colors in the sky. I then started running home, I stormed into our apartment, didn’t even bother taking off my shoes, opened the balcony door and forced A – without shoes – to go out with me. He mumbled something from being cold, and why he had to go out and and and… And then he realized the sky was green and red. The most amazing green I have ever seen on a sky – any for that matter. And there it was again. A tingle in me, a happiness, just like the night in Brussels. It didn’t matter where I was, it didn’t matter if it rained or stormed, what mattered being with A, being able to enjoy those wonderful moments with the person I loved most in this and any other universe.

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