…6 months into.

They say that it only takes 10 seconds to like a person, about 11 seconds to form your opinion about that person and about 15 to know whether or not you actually would like to get that person better to know.

As you all know by now, it took A only a few minutes to tell everyone that he had met his future wife the very night we met. Over the weeks we had several dates, I got to know A’s family, we attended his brother’s wedding together and we made plans on how to stay strong and together.

Two and a half years later we finally moved in together, we went from nothing to everything. And ever since July 1st we have been together, nonstop, not a day apart (except for the few when A’s away on business and I am left behind hanging out with my hamster ‘Hamie’).  And you might think, we are getting sick of each other but we haven’t. Or at least I haven’t.

We are living together, we get up together in the morning, we have dinner together, we email each other about 1.000.000 times and still, no sign of tiredness of each other.

Now here is the secret to that, when ever I get really anxious, really tense, really annoyed, really upset, I think back to all the moments, we didn’t get to see each other, all the missed hours, opportunities, birthdays, Easters… All the big events. And then I smile. I am reminded of why we moved to Oslo, although I am definitely getting sick of the snow and definitely living in a place where only a polar bear would be happy. I get reminded of why every moment with A is just as exciting as the beginning, when we first got to know each other.

After 10 seconds I sigh of happiness, after 11 seconds I smile and after 15 seconds I am happy that now, when I blow a kiss towards A, it will be received not through a pixelated camera but by a smiling and extraordinarily happy A.

6 months into living together, I just realized that and I just realized that I love A more and more every day… even though I’d really rather live somewhere warm and sunny

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