Home sweet (new) home

Wow, wait a second, is it March already? Time is flying by. The last few months have just been extraordinarily interesting, crazy and just… wow, to sum it up. As you know a week ago we received the keys to our wonderful new apartment and now, for the first time ever, am I blogging from our new home.

I am sitting next to a window, on a red-ish round table, gazing at the park next to me, wondering about all the sporty Norwegians, running around (mind there is still snow on the ground), playing with kids, chasing dogs, every once in a while a car passes by but all in all a wonderful (quite comforting) surrounding.

But hold on, how did we get here?

The moving itself started last Sunday, when we decided to take the first load of suitcases, backpacks and miscellaneous other bags to our new apartment. A and I both were confident that it would only take another couple trips down to the new apartment, until we can actually enjoy our new surroundings (mind that you’d have to take the t-bane (read: subway) and trikk (read: monorail/tram)). But when you’re at a new place nothing seems to bother you, you manage everything like a pro, right? WRONG.

So over the next few days A has been taking a heavy hiker’s-backpack to work to drop it off at the new apartment after he was done with work. Meanwhile I would pack up as many bags as I could possibly carry on the public transportation and head across the city, dropping of a few things and gazing at what soon was the new place we would make a home out of. Neither, A nor I, did realize how much stuff, clothes, misc items we actually accumelated over the last few months, but somehow we managed to get our things moved without breaking one single item.

Sunday came around – again – and thankfully we had a great friend helping us move our mattress with a vehicle (that would have been a pain, having to move a queen-size mattress on public transportation…).

After the move was done and the realization has settled, A and I stood in our new apartment, together, for the very first time, realizing that now we would have the great opportunity to create a new home (again). The only difference is, that as of right now, we don’t really have lots of furniture or storage space, for that matter, so all our stuff is pretty much all over the place but, and that’s the irony, no matter where we live and how much space or stuff we have, it will always feel like home, because we are together.

dress room/bedroom

our dresser…


the kitchen


the bedroom/dressing room

the livingroom

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