The revenge of the skinny jeans

These past few years have been horrible, fashion-wise, if you ask me. I feel confident making this statement, because that’s what I studied in school: fashion. I understand the history and meaning of fashion and I understand that Mr. Bieber is also part of the reason, why so many youngsters squeeze themselves into skinny jeans and grow out their hair to a length, that eventually will cause them a back-/neck-trauma in the years to come (it simply can’t be healthy, having to tilt your head the entire time, just so your hair doesn’t fall into your eyes…!)

Needless to say I am soooo not a fan of today’s fashion. You can be fashionable without looking like the front page model of Vogue (I am seriously debating a ‘feed the models campaign’). You can be trendy without having the newest clothes and styles from various fashion designers (take that Abercrombie & Fitch). And you can look flamboyant and extravagant and still feel comfortable in your own skin without having to squeeze yourself into size 0 jeans. That’s my personal take on fashion.

This being said, I also want to say, that I probably am not be the right person to make these statements, but I make them anyways. I am also not the smartest person that ever walked the face of this planet (although, proof me wrong if you can); nor am I the most successful but I am determined and persistent. I don’t always have a plan (A or B, sometimes I just have a list) nor an idea of what I want and why (I guess though that’s a woman-thing). Sometimes I get worn out and exhausted. I get tired of the hurdles I have to overcome, I wonder WHY nothing in life can be easy, but then again, nothing of great value comes easily. I stumble upon problems all the time and it takes me some time to overcome them, but if my late grandma taught me anything, it was to never, ever, give up.

I have learned a lot in the last 12 months: I managed to learn Norwegian; found an awesome job, that I absolutely love (and which according to my boss I am really good at); I live in a wonderful apartment in the center of Oslo and today – finally – I found out, that I did get accepted into my first-choice-program at the University of Oslo (I have been waiting for this moment since I sent in the application back in March).

So yes, life is good in Oslo. Very good indeed. Life would be almost perfect even, if it wasn’t for one tiny little thing. A few weeks ago A was on a business trip in the U.S. It has been his first time after our move to Oslo back in August 2011. He enjoyed all the joys of the reverse culture shock, jet-lag and cultural differences. Needless to say, that the last thing he wanted to do, was to go shopping. But seriously, being on a business trip in the U.S., having a few hours off, and not going shopping? Is that even an option? Yeah, I don’t think so.

A, however, is not what you call a ‘good’ shopper, although he is a very opinionated shopper (for example: He absolutely dislikes jeans-overalls on women and skinny jeans on men). He doesn’t care for fits, colors or styles, as long as the clothes compliment him. That’s all he wants and that’s what he tells the salesperson as soon as he walks into a store. If they ask him, how he feels about certain styles of pants, shirts or shoes, he answers, ‘I don’t know, you tell me’. I believe that the last time, A didn’t even bother looking into the mirror, when the sales person sold him a pair of wonderful dark blue jeans, that apparently are very durable, great for outdoors-stuff and very fashionable (side note here: A is a researcher, he rarely does outdoorsy stuff in fashionable jeans, nor does he go to many events, where it would be acceptable to wear jeans…).

So now that I have my almost perfect life, I am stuck with my wonderful boyfriend, who refuses to believe, that he actually did buy skinny jeans. He keeps telling me, that he would have never, in a million years, bought skinny jeans and that if he hates one fashion statement, it’s the skinny jeans. But, what to do, if the evidence is so obvious and he refuses to take off the skinny jeans??? I guess you can’t have everything in life, huh?


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