A little care goes a long way…

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. – Paulo Coelho

It took me almost a year to get where I am at right now. I am not going to lie about it, it was freaking hard work. I probably grew 10 years older during that time and to be honest… I am loving it.

I am a full-time bachelor-student studying media science (in Norwegian!) right now and although reading an average of 5 books every week (in Norwegian!) on the history, theories and expectations of media can be very tiring, I feel content.

After my classes I usually go to work for a few hours. I do work part-time in a small little shop and although having to handle customers all day long can be exhausting, I absolutely love it.

Once a week, at least, I am at the activityhouse, conversing about world-topics with the most awesomest and most understanding people I have ever met. We are talking science, politics and weather, without anyone getting upset (when’s the last time you were able to do that?). And then we sit down together and eat lunch. Enjoying each other’s company.

Two evenings every week I teach English, and although on those evenings I come home really late, I absolutely would not want having to stop doing that.

At least 4 times a week I run. Sometimes only 30 minutes, sometimes 2 hours, depending on my schedule. Sometimes I run 30 rounds in a stadium and sometimes I run in the woods, enjoying the view of the Oslo fjords. It’s taking it’s toll on me, but I am absolutely in love with my life.

Nothing that’s worth something in life comes for free.

On an average day I get up super early, do my household chores, sit down, have my second cup of tea and read. I then go to classes, head to work, come home, get changed and go for my run. Some days I have no classes, some days I am off work, sometimes I have a day off running and sometimes I have all three things happening on one day.

To be honest, I would have not accomplished any of this, without A by my side. To be clear though, he didn’t help me studying Norwegian or getting into school, nor did he help me trying to find a job, nor does he run with me but here’s what he does: He cares.

He cares so much. He is devoted and supportive and strong minded and understanding. He cooks dinner for me, when I say I am not hungry and he forces me to eat it, because he knows I would skip several meals a day, just because I am so busy. He never fails to talk to me or listen to me, even when he is slammed at work. He surprises me with little getaways, little walks and time together, when I expect it the least. Every minute, we get to spend together is a good one, even when we argue about what to eat for dinner, which clearly is always an argument I lose because he is the one cooking and he absolutely loves doing it (folks, don’t get the wrong impression here, I do not force him to cook for me!!!!).

How can I possibly not love my life? We had hard times to overcome and it took us a long time to get, where we are right now, but it’s because of A caring so much, that in return I can only smile and be happy. He is my home and my life and I know, that without him, I wouldn’t have learnt Norwegian, I wouldn’t study media science, I wouldn’t work at my little shop, the activity house or as an English-teacher and I would not train for a half-marathon. I simply wouldn’t.

A little care goes a long way and looking back on the last year I am proud of what we accomplished, I am proud where we are and I am happy to say, that WE are… (to be continued)

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