I have to admit, out of all the months October has to be my second most favorite. (The first being May, because of my birthday.) I love October because it never fails to amaze me how the leaves turn colors, how the seasons change, how the air smells differently, how you just feel differently. It makes me feel happy.

The last week I was home-bound, covered in a sea of blankets, sleeping roughly 18 hours every day, when awake coughing up a storm, feeling achey and unhappy. It’s the season they say, the season when people get sick. It all wouldn’t be so bad, if it weren’t for me. I am not a good patient, never have been. I hate laying around, even when I’m sick, I hate ‘just getting better’, when I could do so many more things, while being sick. But A forced me to do just that. I wasn’t allowed to do ANYTHING, not even turning on the washing machine and seriously, when done right, it only takes 2 minutes. Instead of letting me do it, A yelled from the kitchen for instructions and he yelled even louder, when he didn’t hear me. Not thinking, that first of all, his yelling, didn’t exactly help my headaches, nor that his yelling even louder, didn’t make my hoarse and exhausted voice get louder. After 15 minutes of yelling, he decided to come into the living room, where I was trying to unwrap myself from all the blankets. His look of sheer horror disabled me to do anything further than just trying to get up, he would plaster me with questions, why I was trying to get up, why I couldn’t just lay still and let him take care of everything… 45 minutes later the laundry was finally running, I was totally exhausted from all the talking and listening and laying around and A moved on to the next chore. Now imagine this for 7 straight days and you can imagine, how happy I am today, that I can get up from the sofa, without breaking into a high fever. I can walk around without wanting to lean against every door, wall or coat-rack on the way from one room to the next.

I love October also, because it’s the time of the year, when you can go mushroom hunting in the woods. That is if you know where to look for them, which A and I have definitely not mastered yet. But walking around with no clue = just as much fun. We walked deeper in the woods, than we probably should have until eventually we stood in front of a huge 7 feet long puddle with no safe way to cross it and no option to go back or around it. So what does A do? He backs up a little, starts running and jumps over it. He landed somewhat safely, almost ripped his skinny jeans, but then again, the important fact was, that he did manage to jump over it. Meanwhile I assessed the puddle and scouted out the area and finally found a safe and dry way to cross it. A pointed out, that it was very smart of me, trying to cross over the moss, at least I wouldn’t get stuck in the mud, or so we thought. Only 2 seconds after finishing that thought, I was knee deep stuck in mud. I couldn’t get my foot released from the mud, while A was stunned by the disappearance of my right leg. A, unable to move, starred at me trying to get my leg released. After fighting with the mud for about 7 minutes, I finally managed to get out of it and then A started bursting out laughing. Apparently the prospect of me losing my leg was just simply hilarious. Or maybe it was the situation, I don’t know, I do know though, that next time we go, I’ll stick to the walking ways, while A can go check out the woods.

To be honest, I love every month of the year, I believe some are more enjoyable than others but what makes the whole year awesome no matter what? Well, that’s an easy one. I have A, and that’s all I need to be happy, no matter how high the fever or how deep the mud.

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