Will you marry… us?

Alright, so A and I are engaged, we got that straight, right? Can’t help but think that our wedding day (27th of February, 2014!!) is only a few 16 months away, this being said, I am not getting ahead of myself, I do want you guys to realize, that these are not ‘my plans’ per se, they are ‘our plans’ and A is in this just as much as I am, if not more.

I recently learned that our plans for us going to the US for Christmas fell through. I can’t really go into detail, but the final outcome is, that this year we will be celebrating Christmas in Oslo, just A, our hamster and me. This also led to a change of plans, like big time. Not only do I have to skip my long-awaited-shopping spree in my very much loved shopping mall, but our private plans also fell through.

But fear not, that’s why they invented: the INTERNET.

I love the internet, I can go shopping, read journals, watch movies, talk to my family and call friends, with just a mouse-click, it’s AMAZING. So amazing, that I instantly have to think of my friend amazing Ams. I call her that, because to me, she is truly amazing and if it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be with A. Seriously now. She was there when we first met, she was there when I came home from my first date with A and told her everything about it, she was there when I told her about our long-distance plans, she was there when A came and visited me in Austria and she was there when I came to visit A in the US (this being said, she wasn’t literally there but mentally…). She drove miles and miles and miles to be with me, with us, but more with me, because I am – evidently – more fun than A. JK, if anything, A is more fun than I am.

Ams is amazing, she was always there when I needed her, we celebrated birthdays together and Christmases and went to the movies and ate tons of ice cream, we had dinners, we had talks, we went dancing, we went to sign language classes together, we went skydiving together, we went to NYC together, we went shopping… You name it, we did it. For the majority of my time in the US we were inseparable.

And every time I come back to the US, we’ll carve out some time to be together and it’s just like we never were apart. I love her so much, and like I said, without her, there wouldn’t be A and me and that’s something I am incredibly thankful for.

Well, here’s the thing. A and I haven’t seen Ams much lately, due to that stupid big pond between us, but we are planing on changing that, ASAP. Not only because we miss her, but also because we need her. Again, without her, there wouldn’t be an US and without US there wouldn’t be a wedding and without Ams, there wouldn’t be a wedding either. Why’s that you wonder?

Well, simply because… A and I called Ams up the other day, we were both so excited and thrilled and… well, let’s just say, we were in an incredibly good mood. And then finally we asked her the question, I was dying to ask for sooooo long.

Will you marry… us?

Silence. A gasp. Laughter. Yes.

And that’s the thing, A and I had thought about this long and hard and we both came to the conclusion that we can’t have a wedding without the person, that was there from the beginning. Neither of us wanted a stranger to marry us, we figured, if we are getting married, why not the way we want to get married? Why not have someone perform the ceremony we both love so much and care for and someone that knows us well and that we know will be there for us in good and in bad, through sickness and health…

Why not have Ams officiate us? Well, that’s exactly what we are doing. Getting married. The three of us, kind of.

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