Day 1 1/2 (one and a half)

This past weekend was awesome. So awesome in fact, that in my head, I am still not fully returned. I am still on vacation with A. Still some place else, a place so awesome, I can’t hardly find words for it. But for the sake of this story, I will try my best. Since A and I were crazy busy and there are tons of stories to tell, I decided to not overwhelm you with all the stories at once, since I am still overwhelmed thinking back of all the things we did, but will tell you the stories day by day 😉

Thursday night, after work, A picked me up and we raced to the airport. A long awaited get-away. We haven’t had any vacation this year other than a few days on a boat to Copenhagen. But we both needed a little break after the craziness of the last few weeks. We were heading to London. Most awesomest city of this earth, in my humble opinion.

We knew we were on a tight schedule, after all, I only got 3 days off from work and I needed to be back, the latest on Tuesday for an exam. So we made a list of things we wanted to see and prioritized the most important things:

Stonehenge, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, London Eye, Bakerstreet and last but not least, of course, the London Aquarium.

We started an early Friday and by early I mean getting up at 6am, getting ready and leaving the hotel before the sun was out. Since we are living in Norway, we apparently don’t need any sunlight anymore, to feel motivated to do things.  We booked everything beforehand, the only thing we had to do now was to show up on time and that we did. Even a bit early. And since we were early, we got some pasties (meat-filled pastry-thingies – wikipedia it). Tell you what, English people know how to fill you up with grease in the morning, so you feel super happy about yourself for the rest of the morning, that is until lunch comes around and you crave another pasty.

After our super nutritious breakfast, we went to catch our bus to Bath. It left at 8 am from London, Victoria Station and arrived in Bath around 11.30. Once we arrived, A and I charged off to go see the Roman baths in Bath. Apparently Romans have been bathing in Bath for quite some time, they in fact build the bath and the temple and everything around it. The bath is a natural hotspring and I can imagine that this, was the place to be, back then in the day. At the end of the tour, they were even uber generous and offered us a drink of water. Me, being thirsty, said yes please one too many times and got a huge glass of water. Bath water that is, the water that has never been filtered and has been in this place since Dinosaurs have roamed the earth. Well, probably not that long, but you get the point. It was deeeee-not-so-much-licious. Tell you what, it tasted… funny, I guess, is the right word.

We then headed off to our second bus-tour for the day. From Bath to Stonehenge to Lacock and back to Bath. And it was misty and foggy like Bath hasn’t seen it in years, at least according to our bus-driver Tim, who by the way was the funniest English-man I have ever met. Tim meant, that he has never seen a day like this, with so much fog. On the upside, there were no people at Stonehenge, because it was freezing, on the downside it was not so much that we “saw” Stonehenge, we experienced it.

Yes, not the best weather to see Stonehenge, but like I said, no people either, which allowed us to stroll as fast and as slow as we wanted.

Tim then took us to Lacock. A little village in the UK, just outside of Bath. We saw the village without satellite dishes and Harry Potter’s parents’ house. It was awesome. Mainly because both A and I love the Harry Potter movies, but not the books (sorry…) and we then had a quick beer in the local tavern. It also gave us a chance to envision our own lives in a small town and we quickly decided, although we loved the small town, this wasn’t meant for us. Even if we wanted to move there, the government wouldn’t let us, because apparently you have to proof that your family actually did live in the city before they would let us move there. A and I are not aware of any relatives that might descend from the UK… what a shame. But anyways, this we learned from Tim!

Afterwards Tim took us back to Bath and we headed to a small frozen yogurt shop and enjoyed our treat. After all, it was a bit above freezing, the water I drank earlier was hotter than my usual cup of morning tea and I needed to balance it.

We then made our way to the bus-station, were our coach awaited us and 4 hours later, we were back in London, back in our hotel, tired and exhausted, happy and overwhelmed and ready to start day number two… after a good night’s sleep that is.

A and I at foggy Stonehenge

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