The Seinfeld theory

The new year is two days old and I bet most of the resolutions the majority of us made are already broken. You know, things like “Don’t eat too many sweets. Exercise more. Loose weight. Quit smoking.” All the good ones, that we so quickly promise to hold and yet even quicker throw over board. No need to feel bad, because everyone does it. Everyone! Everyone?

Well, not everyone, but the most of us. We are comfortable the way we are and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I say, don’t loose weight, in fact gain weight, if that is what makes you happy. Don’t quit smoking, if it makes you a miserable know-it-all. Do what ever you think is right and please, be happy. That is all I ask for you and all you should ask of yourself.

A and I were super busy this past year. We have both started something that now has become an unstoppable monster. Both A and I have calendars that are covered in Xs. Every day, where we accomplished something that we consider worthwhile and contributing to our future we get an X for that day. It is something small but manageable. That is all. What is does, is provide us with consistency.

I don’t know who the first person was to do that, but among the people that follow that rule, is Seinfeld who succeeded greatly with this theory. Look it up, if you don’t believe me. He wrote a joke a day, whether or not that was a good one was not important, as long as he kept going. Eventually he managed 100 jokes in a row, and that is all you need. Look at Seinfeld, where he is now. Well, where is he now? I assume in NYC still writing jokes?

The question remains though, what is on my X-list? Well, it might seem silly (and that exactly is the point, because it can be as little as to only go on facebook once a day, or only eat one piece of candy a day or go for a 10 minute walk every day) but mine is writing. Writing any and everything. Words that form to ideas, that form into sentences and eventually to paragraphs. So as of now, I am working on a book. According to Seinfeld’s theory it should be enough to write a word a day, so you can see the progress is small, but the consistency greatly and who knows, by the end of this year I might be done with chapter one, wouldn’t that be something?

So what is your X about? Donate a dime a day to someone who needs it? Share your breakfast donut with a stranger sitting next to you at a dinner? Do the dishes every day? As you can see, the possibilities are endless. And with this I wish you a very happy new year with new things to concur, new things to explore but furthermore new things to discover.


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