Happy tears

We are only a few short days away from the big I-dos. And let me tell you this is a very emotional time, even when you are a stone inside. I have been crying happy tears for days now. There is no warning to them, they just burst out of my eye-sockets and I wish there was some way to program them but then again, there is no better feeling in the world than being so happy that you can literally just cry.

Getting here was everything but a piece of cake. I had to get my wedding dress changed, turns out it is too big – again. My shoes are still not the color they should be (they should be white and they are black…). The weather has been everything but pleasant and the few hours I get of sunlight are spent at work or at school, cooped up in a dark room brightened by a few neon lights. But none of that matters, because inside I am just so happy. I cannot even begin to describe what it feels like but I will give it a try.

It’s like a child in a candy store seeing the beach for the first time combined with graduating from school and holding your first grandchild in your arms. It is like eating ice cream for the first time while seeing the Northern lights, like swimming with whales while it snows. It is that warm fuzzy feeling inside you, when you look at someone that you love with all your heart and that loves you in return with everything they are.

Life has been extremely kind to us, even when we weren’t able to realize it. In retrospect we, A and I, are fully aware of that, this we owe not only to the special circumstances by we both are met but also because of our support system that includes two of the most amazing families. Our parents all out of this world and we are so happy being able to see them again, after more than a year apart in a few short weeks! We will be able to reunite with our siblings who beyond everything managed to create more drama to our wedding spectacles than our mothers combined, but that is what makes this special day so perfect.

We are thankful for our wonderful friends, that will come and join us for our special day! We have friends flying in from all over the world, taking their precious vacation time to see us getting married. And I can tell you this, I cannot wait to see all of them again! I have been counting down the days, hours and minutes until I get to see all of them again! Which will be today in three weeks!

I cannot contain myself. I simply cannot. And I know most of the time my emotional outbursts are super inappropriate but as soon as I sob out the word “wedding” most people oddly are very understanding.Which makes me even more happy because I then get to tell every single soul that I have never met in my life before, that I am about to see my families and friends again, soon! With this though I will conclude this happy-tears blog post, because I am running out of tissues to wipe away all my happy tears.

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