The wedding blur.

It was pouring down rain all night and all morning, the storm was horribly loud and kept me worrying all night. As A and I both awakened the day of our wedding, we knew, that our chances on having an outside-wedding were dwindelling. But we kept our spirits up high and sat down to a wonderful breakfast together and enjoyed the last morning as A and J. Our wedding-helpers, which included Ams, A’s brother and the mars-bars-superheroes were sound asleep and instead of running into everyone’s room and yelling “it’s my wedding day”, I decided to just sit there, in front of my tiny cup of espresso and enjoy the quiet. (And believe me, having to control myself not running into everyone’s room, was super hard!)

A sense of urgency comes over you a couple hours before your wedding, you feel excited and sick to your stomach and then excited again, maybe a bit scared, maybe anxious, maybe freaking out a bit, but mostly you are excited and cannot control any of your emotions, because that is what wedding days do to your usually stable mind.

As soon as my mom entered the villa, we ran upstairs into the master bedroom, where I was going to get ready. My mom told me to sit down and not move, which I did. For about 45 minutes I did not do anything, other than sitting and keeping my eyes closed and let her do her magic. For all I knew, she could have facepainted me with butterflies all over my forehead and if that would have made her happy, it would have been fine by me. Because when you are getting ready for your wedding, it is not all about you.

I say this, because I think, sometimes brides forget that, they are so obsessed with small details, that they tend to forget why they are actually doing this. I for one knew, that this day was just as big for me as it was for my mom, my dad, my brothers, my friends, my future husband’s family and, last but not least, my future husband. This day was for us all, not just for me, this I realized as I was standing in the master bedroom, surrounded by my mom and my dad and we all were just crying, happy tears that is.

Eventually my dad and I were told to wait at the top of the stairs for the musical cue to enter the room. And my dad and I stood there in patience, not saying a word. He began humming the star wars theme song, which made me laugh so hard, that I lost my balance and almost ended up at the bottom of the stairs. But it must have looked pretty comical, because my dad started laughing immediately and so, it seemed, the time passed quickly. And then the music started, Canon D.

As my niece, with the help of my brother, showered the floor with rose pedals (although she was rather concerned with picking up the pedals that my brother so carelessly dropped onto the floor), my dad and I walked down the aisle towards my future husband and the greatest officiator of all times, our friend Ams. My heart pounded and I was excited and happy times infinity.

I wish I could tell you, what happened next, because I am sure, it was epic, but I cannot, at least not in detail. I remember laughing a lot, I remember crying a lot, I remember being happy and I remember having the best possible wedding day. I remember falling onto the ground during A’s and my wedding dance, I remember eating more pizza than anyone should be allowed to eat during their vacation in Italy. I remember eating tons of Gelatto and dancing with my little niece. I remember taking tons of pictures with families and friends and I remember speeches, endless amounts of love speeches, dedicated to my husband and me.

I don’t think I have ever in my life been able to have all my most favorite people in the same room with me, being able to witness one of the most important parts of our lives. It was pretty special, and fun and amazing and beyond anything, it still leaves me speechless. Maybe in the future I will be able to capture more detailed what exactly happened on February 27th, 2014 but for now, I will conclude this blog post with saying, that on this day I married my best friend in front of the most wonderful and caring people that I proudly can call my families and friends.

wedding picture

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