A world of its own.

Italy is amazing. And by amazing, I mean AMAZING. It ranges from a coastline that has your heart skip one, two, three beats to cities drowned in lights, from Gondolas that lead you over the canals to architecture that excites every fiber of your body. History? Yes, plenty of it too. Food? Do you even need to ask? Happiness? In every form, shape or language you have ever seen. Needless to say that A and I came back from our Italy-mini-honeymoon with sore hearts and full bellies.

We saw the Colosseum in Rome, the stone people of Pompeii, walked over Ponte Vecchio in Florence, gazed at the Rialto Bridge in Venice, had lunch at Giulietta’s balcony in Verona and had Gelato at the Duomo in Milan. All the whilst traveling through Italy by train with our suitcases full of wedding dresses, shoes and presents from our families and friends.

I have no idea how we managed to see so many sights, eat so much Pizza and did not once worry about school, work or anything else related to our daily life in Oslo. Italy had us captured in every way possible and let me tell you, it was breathtakingly incredible and wonderful and exhausting but most of all, it was exactly what we needed.

We have a million stories to tell about the beauty that is Italy, but to be quite honest, no words can describe the wonderfulness that is Italy. From the countless churches, bridges and statue-masterpieces that clutter every fountain of this country. It was just wonderful.

A and I got to see the last supper in Milan, which was probably one of A’s favorites, mainly because it is exactly what you imagine it would be like, but also not at all like it. My favorite would have to be the Sistine chapel in Vatican city, but not for obvious, the finger-touch-god-human-being-painting but for the bluest color of wall that I have ever laid my eyes on and I wish I had a picture for you, but first of all, taking pictures is not allowed and secondly the wall was kind of like the Northern lights: no picture can capture it’s actual beauty and you would have had to be there to believe it.

But to be quite honest, to pick favorites is quite difficult in a country so diverse. Walking on Ponte Vecchio at sunset was amazing, as the canal reflected the city lights, it made my heart skip a beat. I mean, you see all of these wonderful sights in plenty of movies, but none of the movies can actually capture the country’s true beauty.

And yes, A and I will definitely return, soon, but for now we need to work on getting back into shape again, because, let’s face it, after eating nothing but pizza, pasta and tons of gelato for two weeks, we both need a quick detoxing tour before we return for more of the delicious goodness that you can only get in Italy.

Venice Rome Rome sunset sorrento

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