I once flew an airplane. No, seriously. I did. About three years ago, for my 23rd birthday in Vienna. My uncle is a hobby-pilot and he invited me along as a birthday surprise and I, being a somewhat-daredevil, happily agreed. After all, how often do you get to fly an airplane? Not often, I suppose, unless you are a pilot of course, but that’s a different story.

small airplane in Vienna

As you can see by the size of my uncle, this airplane was not going to take us across the Atlantic to visit A (that was prior us moving to Norway), but it got us up in the air, experiencing a rush of a lifetime.

To be quite honest, while taking off, being up in the air and landing I did not feel like adrenalin was pumped through my entire body, stepping out of the plane after two hours, I was exhausted and beat. Being up there in thin air, knowing that one wrong move could crush your plane, was kind of nerve-wrecking. But being able to listen in on air traffic and replying with “over and out” (every child’s dream) was amazing. Being able to see Austria’s greenery from up above and feeling the warmth of the sun on our wind shield (do you call it wind shield when it’s an airplane?) was simply wonderful and although I took a lot of pictures (no selfies, because that was prior to the selfie-boom) they just can’t do it justice.

I remember this birthday vividly, because it was the last birthday I celebrated without living with A, and it was the last birthday I celebrated with my late grandma. I had many wonderful birthdays, 25 to be exact (26 tomorrow), that were outstandingly great and amazing in their own wonderful way. I jumped out of airplane, had a surprise birthday party, had an entire metro sing happy birthday to me… You can see, why I love birthdays, especially mine.

J skydiving

But last year it hit me hard, a quarter-life-crisis and if you believe I am joking, look it up, it’s a real thing. I was miserable for days, quite like my hamster after cleaning his cage. I was sad and emotional, but most of all I was unsure of what to make of my life. Here I am, a year later and of course I still have no answer to the question yet.

But that’s okay, you don’t need to have all of life’s questions answered, certainly not when you are 18, 26 or 78. What you need to do, is enjoy every single moment, be happy and celebrate every occasion you get to celebrate. With this, I am looking forward to another wonderful year with my husband A, my dear friends and my lovely family. In the meantime I urge you to do the same. Enjoy life!

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