The zoo in my head.

A silverback fears that his territory is in jeopardy when faced with other testosterone ridden males. He intimidates others and he knows he would win every battle, because he is the king of the jungle, the one that rules them all, no doubt in his mind. He is surrounded by glass, googly eyes staring at him and all he can do is attack the shatterproof glass, but no matter how hard his pumpkinsize fists come down on the glass, it does not break.

In icecold water, where no human would survive, one of the fiercest creatures of all waters swims. Their speed exceeds far beyond anything handmade could ever build, they are unstoppable, if left in the wild. They are inquisitive and learn quickly, but how to escape humans, they have not yet mastered. A lethargic killerwhale aimlessly swims in a tank. Ignoring the sea full of awing faces and the children’s little hands hammering against the tank, trying so hard to touch his smooth skin. His battle has been lost from the beginning and no one gives him the benefit of the doubt. He is angry and sad, and depressed but if you don’t have a voice, can you be heard?

Hippos are meant to rule their territories and attack anything that can be seen as a potential threat. Crocodiles are meant to hunt the shallow grounds of rivers, looking like fierce dinosaurs, lurking in brown water, always ready to attack. Elephants are meant to travel the jungles, stomping anything that crosses their way, while quietly sneaking through the thick woods.

I know, I sound like a huge hypocrite claiming that aquariums and zoos are my most favorite places in the world, but see, it is for different reasons than for eyeballing poor creatures that are yearning for their freedom. I think it is important to study all kinds of species, to insure sustainability. Making sure, that all species survive our reckless behavior, when it comes to the environment and how we take care of our planet. But it breaks my heart, how we treat living organisms for our own entertainment. Every time I go to a zoo, or an aquarium, I leave the place troubled because this is not the way it is supposed to be.

Polar bears are supposed to be at the North Pole, fighting off the cold and not the heat of the southern hemisphere. Sharks are supposed to roam the oceans, looking for seals and penguins and not their fins ending up in soups while the rest of their bodies rots in the open ocean.

We are supposed to be kind and good hearted towards human beings as well as animals and yet we are horrible. We truly are disgusting, the things we do to others of our kind and animals? It is simply heartbreaking, knowing that we are so evolved and yet so cruel at the same time. I say, empty the tanks, empty the cages, empty our rotten minds.

Where to go from here? Well, that is your choice. Any way is fine, but know, that every action you take will trigger a reaction. Animals are not supposed to roam their natural habitats, fearing what ever they eat, as it will slowly kill them from the inside without any natural cure for them. The survival of the fittest, doesn’t mean that we can exploit everything that is given to us. And although, I am fond of going to zoos and aquariums, looking at all kinds of different species, I think we have to stop. We have gone too far.

There are many ways to get involved. Find yours!

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