My love affair

I admit it, openly and freely and with no regrets whatsoever: This summer I had a love affair. A magical one, one that changed my life forever. I didn’t expect this to happen, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Once I realized what was happening, it was too late to stop and quite honestly, I didn’t want it to stop, ever! It was the best feeling in the world, so exhilarating and so thrilling and honestly, this experience has left me in awe.

Now, before you start bombarding A and ask him if we are still okay and how he could deal with my open letter and what in the world was wrong with me, writing such paragraphs when in previous blogposts I promised he was the one and only (and I stand by this!), let me clarify: My love affair was with the whales and dolphins.

Common Dolphins in the deep blue
Common Dolphins in the deep blue

I always loved whales, dolphins too, but there is something about whales that fascinates me in a very difficult to describe way. They make me happy, even when I can only see them for a split second. That is enough to send me over the moon with joy. No seriously! Even if it was just through the binoculars from several miles away!

Looking out for whales
Looking out for whales

But to be quite honest, I did not expect the impact that the whales in the Azores would have on me. I figured, yes, I was going to fulfill one of my lifetime goals and yes, I would work on a boat and get to film whales and dolphins from close proximity but never in a million years would I have expected to feel so much love towards whales.

It is not just the whales, it is the North Atlantic in all its blueness and beauty that left me speechless and turned me around a million ways. Even when the sea was rough and I was unexpectedly showered in saltwater, riddled with seasickness and overheated from the beating down sun, the sheer glimpse of hope being able to see a whale would make all of it worth it. (And yes that little black spot right in front of the boat is what we are staring at!)

On the zodiac
On the zodiac

For now though, I had to say goodbye to the Azores. I packed my bag and gathered all my belongings and headed to Lisbon earlier today. Tomorrow evening I will be flying to Oslo and finally after 15 long days I will be able to see A again and tell him about all my adventures! And somehow I will have to convince him, that next time I go to the Azores (and there will be a next time, soon!), he should come with and maybe too fall in love with whales, a little.

And maybe, just maybe, I can convince him to snorkel with me!

J snorkeling in the Azores
J snorkeling in the Azores

And if you are unsure where to find more information about who do whale watch and snorkel and dive with Dive Azores has all the animal-protecting answers!

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