The Grad Student Train

I AM A GRAD STUDENT! These words fill me with so much happiness. I am not the first one in my family, but I am following in the footsteps of my parents who in their parental guidance had taught me one thing early on: The conventional way is not the one for me.

It was a long winded road with loads and loads of detours before I ever made it anywhere close to being on the right track. But I persisted and finally graduated this summer and now, I am a grad student! I have been waiting for this moment so long and now, that I am finally a grad student it just feels unbelievable. Is it cheesy if I say it’s everything I ever hoped for academically? Well, I’ll say it anyways.

The semester started a couple days ago and I am already over the top excited about all the possibilities! Endless possibilities!

For now though I am sitting on the train to campus (yes, my school choice means a 45 minute commute from and back to Oslo) and I am just happy, no matter the lack of sleep, the early days or desperate need of coffee 😉


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