On August 16th four years ago A and I landed blue eyed in Oslo, not knowing what we would get into but ready to take on a new and life-changing challenge.

J and A landed in Oslo
J and A landed in Oslo

It only took us a couple summers to adjust to the bright sunny nights in the summer and the freezing cold dark days in the winter, but we thrived.

A and J in Oslo
A and J in Oslo

A year ago I packed (and repacked…) my few belongings and left for Hong Kong. Yet again not knowing what life had in store for me:

J a year ago
J a year ago

But I loved every single minute of tropical Hong Kong. I cannot help but think that changes, however difficult, are always good. You never know what good comes of it and I for one embrace whatever challenges I meet along the path.

As of last week I am a graduate student at the University of Life Sciences in Ås, close to Oslo. I am a master student of international environmental studies. This last week I have participated in 12 different and in their own ways interesting lectures on 12 vastly different subjects on environmental and developmental issues.

Although I absolute love every single minute I get to spend in a classroom, it is not easy. But this past week I learned two things about difficulties.

Number one: if it doesn’t fit, it is not meant to be. I was struggling with my decision of choosing this particular master, especially because I had other offers, offers that seemed a bit more comfortable and easy and within my comfort zone. But the comfy decisions just didn’t feel right. So I went for the option that meant a lot of changes in my daily habits (commuting, getting up early and barely keeping my eyes open past 8pm) but I absolutely love it.

Number two: home is where the heart is. Sometimes it all just seems undoable. Marriage, school and work but the second I see my lovely husband, I know all is well and good. Even if I barely can keep up an intelligent conversation at night and we only get to spend time together on the weekends, A is 100% there and honestly, knowing that someone is there for you, makes it all better.

That is not to say, that if you don’t have a significant other that you can’t do it. That’s not true. We all have to go through difficult times and it is exhausting, physically and mentally but where ever along the path you might be, don’t you for one second think, you are alone! You are not, look around you and you will see that there are many people facing the same difficulties.

Happiest Baby Orca
Happiest Baby Orca (as seen on Reddit.com)

And yes, this is a happy baby Orca, just to make you feel a little happier…


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