Runner’s high.

As the seasons change, I cannot help but think, that the running season is not over yet. So far I ran about 425 km in the past year. For some people this is little (especially if you’re my dad, I guess by now he probably ran twice around the world already). For other people this is a lot. To put this in perspective, it’s a tenth of the way between Washington DC and California or a third of the way between Texas and the Grand Canyon. Let’s put it this way, if you are driving in a car, at about 60 miles an hour, it takes you about 4 hours to drive that distance. This is the distance I ran within the last 10 months.

It doesn’t show. I am not a super build person where every exercise has immediate effects. The only thing that possibly shows that I am exercising are my legs but I always had strong legs, so there’s that. But my strong legs don’t show the struggle with myself every day when I have to find clothes that fit or make me feel comfortable. My legs also don’t show the struggle I have with myself at the end of an exhausting day when I have to convince myself to change into running clothes so I can go exercise. These type of struggles rarely show in your legs. At least no one can ever blame me for skipping leg day.

Never skip leg day! (
Never skip leg day! (

I don’t run to compete, that was never my goal. Also, because I am an extremely slow runner. If you are ever cheering for me at a run and you wonder where I am at, I am probably trailing everyone else.

From Tips of The Scale (
From Tips of The Scale (

I don’t run to lose weight, I don’t run to stay in shape. Although, obviously running helps a lot (just in case you were wondering). Don’t think I have always been sporty and that running always has been part of my life. Anyone in my childhood, adolescence and early adulthood can tell you that’s not true. I hated the sheer thought of sweat. Having to exercise to me was like being severely punished. No wonder I always found a million excuses not to participate in gym class.

But people change and grow up and believe it or not, exercising actually has some health benefits. I do run 5ks, 10ks and half-marathons, and my holy grail, the full marathon will be accomplished one day, but for now, I stick to the “short runs”. But why am I telling you about my legs and my runs and my struggles?

Because in my life, there has never been anything, that makes me feel the way I feel when I completed a run. It doesn’t even have to be a long run or a particularly good run or a fast run. Any run, really. If it rains or snows or the sun beats down on me, if it’s dark outside or super bright, if the streets are crowded or super empty, early in the day or late at night none of this matters. Because when I run, it’s just me. I forget the world around me and I think, sometimes, that’s a good thing. Sometimes you need space, especially in the super busy lives that we are living now. And the best thing about it? It happens over and over again! A runner’s high is not a one time thing, for me, it’s almost a daily experience and if you haven’t tried it yet, do it! There is not much else to it, just go and put on your shoes and run.

And after that, I'm feeling kind of tired... I think I'll go home now. (, Forrest Gump)
And after that, I’m feeling kind of tired… I think I’ll go home now. (, Forrest Gump)

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