My babushka named Tallinn

Traveling is part of A’s and my relationship. So this year, for our 7th year anniversary A and I went to Tallinn, Estonia, because apparently Norway is not cold enough for us but also because the tickets to Tallinn were the cheapest ones we could find for a romantic getaway without having to break the bank. If I would have to describe Tallinn in one word it would probably have to be “grandmother-y“.

For the most part during our stay it was raining and snowing and sleeting and the sun was shining all at once. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t know what to wear for crazy weather like that. But when the weather is crazy like that, where do you go? You got it! You go visit your grandmother! And that’s where we went for our first meal. And yes, the place is called grandmother! Food was delicious and plentiful (what else do you expect when visiting your grandma, even if it’s not your grandma!).

At grandma’s

Seven years of relationship, two of which we have been married, is a lot of work. Mentally and physically and every now and then you deserve a break! And we broke at a wonderful hotel on the 23rd floor with a great view over the city!

Great view from the 23rd floor.

And when we weren’t gazing out of our windows, we ate and walked and walked and ate and ate some more and walked some more. Because Tallinn is a great place to explore, many tiny museums with so much character. So much history and so many things to do and to see. For instance, we went to the bastions and explored the underground of the city and after that we went on top of the fortress to see the rest of the ground of old town.

A and the old town

And no city would be complete without the obligatory nautical museum at the harbor, the Seaplane harbor. If I can recommend for anyone to see anything in Tallinn, it would be this museum! It was simply amazing. We were able to explore a u-boot AND a historic ice-breaker which I personally have never done before. Walking around in nautical history is simply priceless to me, so don’t miss it!

On top of an icebreaker at the Seaplane harbor complete with silly faces

Oh and the foods! So many foods. We ate our way through the entire weekend, after all that’s what A’s vacations are for! (If it would have been up to me, I would have dragged A out to a national park and made him climb the highest mountain…).

Usually I don’t buy a lot of trinkets when I travel, as they just collect dust in our apartment. But there are two things I always get: postcards for our nieces and nephews and a magnet for our fridge (because I simply love magnets…). But this time, as it was our 7th year anniversary, I allowed myself another little present, that I always wanted as a child but never got: a babushka doll.

My babushka named Tallinn

Babuska means grandmother in Russian, and one day, when I myself will be a grandmother (or better yet, just old and wrinkly, no grandkids required for that), I will remember the wonderful times that A and I had in Tallinn, a truly magical place where you feel warm and welcomed just like at grandmother’s.

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