See you in another life brotha’

I am about to embark on a week long Vienna-trip, I am going home. I haven’t been in Austria since 2012, before I started (and finished) my bachelor’s degree, studied in Hong Kong, started my master’s degree, got married, changed jobs and accomplished millions and millions of things that you can read up upon if you have nothing else to do over Easter :).

I am quite excited, I couldn’t sleep all night (for the last three nights actually). I arrived at the airport almost three hours in advance, because I knew there was no way I could sit at home and wait for time to pass. Somehow it is easier to pass time at the airport, because we are all collectively waiting. It’s like being in a library and you are trying to be super quiet, because everyone else is quiet.

As I am about to go home, I cannot help but think about friendships, strong bonds created over time. Relationships you used to define yourself by. I am looking forward to seeing familiar faces, reminisce about the past and create new memories.

But as life changes quickly, you long for a constant somewhere. We often assume that our past is our constant, the one thing that doesn’t change. I came to realize, that if anything, the past is the one thing, that you can count on changing. It will never be the same, your past memories change – constantly. And with your memories changing, so do the bonds of friendships that you have created. Some of these bonds regenerate and create something even more beautiful. Something beyond words.

Others will be strained through absence. Some of these bonds will break, some stretch, some change so much that you can’t recognize them again. Instead of holding on to these old relationships, focus on the new ones. Life is too short to hold on to broken bonds.

Finally, before I am about to board, I will leave you with my all-time favorite TV-phrase which in my eyes applies to a million and one things. Desmond Hume said it best:


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