About a month ago I finished the last exam for the semester. Since then I’ve been in a summer-break daze. I guess the first five months of the year have been so crazy, that once I delivered my last exam I just checked out – mentally. That’s not to say, that I’ve been laying around doing nothing in the past month, although that’s certainly what I wanted to do. Quite on the contrary, I went to Berlin and Maastricht, worked every day (well, let’s not go overboard here, let’s say every other day or maybe even every third day…) on my thesis proposal and continued my regular job. But still, I feel like I haven’t done much else than lounging on my sofa and watching the world go by.

But this is about to change! In less than 10 days I am embarking on a three week journey to Germany where I will float in Lake Constance which connects Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Of course, that’s not all I will do, I accepted a position as a tour guide for international teenagers and will certainly try my best to make their summer unforgettable. My only hope is, no one will challenge me to a dance off, there is only so much dancing I can do before they realize all my moves are from the 90ies…

Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Fresh Prince of Bel Air Dance Moves

After the three weeks of Germany, I’ll have less than 48 hours to do some laundry in Oslo before A and I will leave for Chios. Initially we planned a 2 week getaway for the both of us, enjoying exceptionally amazing Greek food, laying on the beach and savoring the summer together. This at least was the plan until about a month and a half ago, when I decided to go to India.

So, after 3 1/2 days in Chios, I will have to cut my initial vacation short and will travel to Athens, Cyprus, Dubai, Delhi and finally will arrive in Jaipur, where I will spend the better half of August before traveling down South to Kerala, which is where I will be spending the first couple weeks of September before going up North to Mumbai for the last week.

So my #Summer2k16 promises to be one crazy adventure. It will be exhausting, unbelievably hot – at least if you can trust the weather forecast – and crazy busy, but definitely a summer I won’t forget! So for the remainder of the time, I will pretend to be productive and hopefully succeed, and enjoy the last few days of Norwegian summer before embarking on #Summer2k16.

And here is the photo that started off #Summer2k16
And here is the photo that started off #Summer2k16

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