An egg-salad kind of day.

Today I had an egg-salad kind of day and no, I didn’t have any egg-salad, nor do I want any. But before our first lecture today, my friend showed me this picture and much to my own joy, I was laughing tears.

Seen at imgur by JerryGourd
Seen at imgur by JerryGourd

This wonderful family picture made me wonder after a prolonged heart-felt laughter, aren’t we all the egg-salad on some days?

My India-trip is slowly coming to an end. I have only two weeks left before returning to Oslo and I know, much can and will probably happen during those two weeks but I can’t help but having to recap some of the egg-salad experiences I’ve enjoyed so far.

  • Photo opps

There will be photos. Lots of them. Constantly. And yes, you will be in them, whether you like it or not. Of course you can go through the trouble and talk to every single person that will take a photo of you, because legally the “photographers” may only take a picture of you, with your permission but more often than not, you will not even notice them taking photos…. And yes, this here is my egg-salad face:

Me and the best chef in the world
Me and the best chef in the world
  • Sharing food

There will be food and you will eat it. Whether or not you like it makes no difference. You will be fed and in many cases you will be hand-fed. You could worry about food poison but this pretty much holds true for any food you will consume while in India, so what difference does hand-fed food make?

When you finally get your #dosa #fieldtrip #India #food #dinner #brinner #breakfastfordinner

A photo posted by Jessica Giannoumis (@jandtheworld) on Aug 31, 2016 at 7:51am PDT

  • Bathroom emergencies

No matter how careful you are about food or anything else for that matter, you will find yourself in some sketchy bathroom-situations. My recommendation? Well, I don’t really have one for you. But I took a selfie of myself with a face, that you will probably make, when you notice that you have to use the bathroom and there is no bathroom anywhere close. But just to clarify, I took this photo right after I had fallen victim of the sea behind me and my pants were soaking wet and I managed to fall down and get sand EVERYWHERE, as I tried to get out of the water… True story.

Emergency face...?
Emergency face…?

In any case, when you finally do make it to India, don’t worry too much about cultural differences, don’t try to understand all their customs and habits but rather enjoy every single moment of it. Be the egg-salad, I promise it will be worth it.

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