My Sanctuary.

I spent the last few months as a prisoner of my own work. Captivated (see what I did there?!) by my own words. I’ve written so much, I made my head hurt – literally. It felt like my brain was exploding working hard trying to find out the ins and outs of my own writings.

Don’t think me crazy, I just don’t sit and write, although that would be awesome, but I sit and write because I am in the final stages of submitting my master’s thesis. It’s due in three weeks and let me tell you, I don’t think I ever loved writing something so much, as I loved writing my thesis. I mean, I always loved writing, it’s what I’ve done ever since I knew how to hold a pen. In my life, I always wanted to be a writer, nothing more and nothing less. It doesn’t so much matter what I write, but just being able to write, that’s all I ever longed for.

You’d think I’d become a journalist, or a literature major but I’m far from that actually. I’m submitting my thesis in environmental science and I don’t think I ever loved words as much as I loved them right now. Others love photos, music, dance… I always loved writing about photos, music and dance.

See, of course I’m a bit antsy, after all I am delivering a piece of work I’ve worked on for the past year, day in and day out, but I’m nowhere near a mental break down. I’m content and believe it or not, I’m incredibly happy. I know, most people don’t enjoy the writing process so much, they think it tedious or difficult, or both. But to me, when I get to sit down and write, or stand up and write or lay down or write, doesn’t really matter how I do it, but writing, that’s what keeps me calm. It’s my sanctuary, my safe place, my home.

Coincidentally, that’s also the result of my thesis, we need more sanctuaries to protect whales from the awful things we are doing to them… but that’s for another day, when I will rehash my research findings colorfully just for you, not too far down the road, but after I delivered and defended my thesis.

I guess, what I am trying to say is, that we all need a sanctuary from time to time. A place where our thoughts are ours, where hours turn into minutes, where you can feel the happiness in the tips of your toes. We all need a safe place, doing something we absolutely love from the bottom of our hearts. But we tend to overlook these little crooks and nannies in the course of our lives. We like to think that we’re unbreakable, strong and incredible but the truth is, we’re not. We all are breakable, weak and incredibly fragile at times, and that’s okay. More than okay, actually, because that’s what makes us human. That’s what makes us enjoy the wonderful moments all the much more. Joy and sadness always go hand in hand, and we want to experience all the joy without any sadness but if you just feel joy, what good can joy bring you, if you don’t experience sadness too?

What I am trying to say is, find your sanctuary, find the place that makes you feel vulnerable and alive at the same time and stay there every now and again. Replenish your inner fuel, give yourself a break and enjoy all the moments in life, because sometimes you will go through a rough patch and the only thing you will have then, is the memory of the good moments until good moments come back… and they will, with full force. I promise you this! Good moments will always come back. So take care of yourself, find your inner peace,

My Sanctuary

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  1. Very nice, Jessica. I also feel writing can be relaxing. It is a way to meditate. Thank you for reminding me of this.

    becky b.

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