Where rainbows end.

I absolutely love rainbows. I haven’t always though, because the analytical side of my mind clearly tells me that there is nothing special about rainbows, no pot of gold anywhere, just the breaking of light in water drops. A rainbow can (as the name suggests) only appear when there is rain and (although not so obvious) sunlight. But the romantic side of my mind feels that rainbows are much more than visible to the naked eye.

Two days after A’s and my wedding (although he still insists that it was his wedding and I was just lucky to having been invited), I was heartbroken. All our friends and families have left and we knew that it would be a long time until we 1. will at all see them and 2. will see them at one place together. Having to say goodbye to each and everyone, who attended our wedding was one of the saddest things I had to do. Weddings in general are so emotional, if you add distance to the mix, it’s just a recipe for disaster.

So, A and I sat in our wedding-rental-home, quietly eating leftovers i.e. ice cream and pizza, looking out the patio, wondering how such a great place which provided us with so much sun during our wedding now just rained buckets of water on us. Italy’s weather in February is weird that way. But there, out of the thick grey dark skies the sun came peering through. And while it was still raining heavily where we were, there was a double rainbow in the most intense colors I have ever laid eyes on in the sky (not counting the aurora borealis we were fortunate enough to have witnessed only weeks before that post-wedding day).

Double rainbow in Sorrento

It was a full, double rainbow. Coming out of seemingly nowhere, ending on the other side… From nowhere to nowhere and yet it seemed like a direction to me. I know, that the rainbow didn’t technically change anything, but it reminded me that to live a truly blissful live, we need all colors of the rainbow. Just imagine a rainbow that was just a deep-dark red bow, that’d be terrifying, right? I mean, we’ve all seen Star Wars and know what that red sinister thing does. Life is like that too, too much of one color can alter the way you live your life tremendously, and not for the better.

We need the combination of colors for our education, our careers, our food and for the ones that we chose to spend our lives with. It’s a conscious decision to have color in your life, it’s a courageous decision too, but everyone deserves some color in their life. Don’t deny others that, after all, you don’t want to be the Death Star, do you? So go out, find your rainbow, find some color in your life and rest assured that throughout dark times, there are always sunnier, less rainy times!

The other side of the rainbow

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