The World’s Strongest Man in Transit.

Brian Shaw is the world’s strongest man – of 2016, at least according to the TV-show with the same name. And although Mr. Shaw without a doubt is incredibly strong (google it, I’ll wait…) I know for a fact, that strength rarely has anything to do with muscles. I mean, of course, if you’re trying to lift a car, physical strength helps a lot, but I believe that strength without willpower is nothing.

A left yesterday for a week long trip to Macau to a UN meeting on Bridging the Digital Gender Gap. His travels were supposed to last about 14 hours with two layovers… But somehow, 24 hours later (and still 24 more to go), he’s somewhere between Europe and Asia, trying to not forget to be human. A was supposed to travel from Oslo to Amsterdam to Xiamen to Macau. But so far, his travels have been completely turned around and taken him from Oslo to Copenhagen to Amsterdam to Bangkok to Shanghai to Macau, with loads of long layovers in between. Oh, and I can only imagine where his luggage is. I guess probably somewhere in Antarctica right now…

Needless to say, that A is not happy. But times like these, remind me of why I love my incredible partner and husband. Years ago, he would have been freaking out, falling apart and being irritated beyond belief at this situation, heck, I’m all these things for him from the comfort of our home. But A? No way, he is (almost) having the time of his life in transit. He is taking it easy, enjoying every single moment of it (well, let’s not get carried away, enjoying might be a strong word, let’s go with living every moment… or existing… well either way, he’s more than just surviving but still a bit less than thriving).

Be that, as it may, I would have probably cancelled my trip altogether, if I were A. But he is so passionate about this opportunity, he wouldn’t want to miss it for anything, so he powers on, showing his inner strength, eating airport food, strolling from one gate to another, anxiously awaiting his next takeoff, all the while being excited for the UN meeting (and just so you know, that’s not the first meeting he had at the UN either).

So, anyways, this is me being grateful for having such a wonderful and strong partner, who in the last years has taught me how to persevere, how to seize every opportunity and how to not let a small hiccup along the way ruin my experience. Thank you, A. You are and will always be my superhero, the strongest man, human being and person I have ever met.

Love, J

Happy travels!


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