This is why. Part 2

My very first blog post – ever (a couple of different blog servers before with completely unusable user interfaces) – I decided to start writing our story. Lately, however (the last year and a half), it’s been difficult keeping up the writing. Not for the lack of wanting to write, because I love writing and I have a million and one ideas and stories that I want to write about, but for the time and energy and all the thousands of little daily things, that keep me from doing what I love the most: tell a story.

So, I decided for December to get back into writing. I made it my goal to produce one daily blog post prior to our upcoming world trip, which starts on December 15th of this year (yeeees, only 7 days to go!). My goal is to get all the blog posts out that have been cluttering my draft-folder for YEARS but just never got published and yet are still so accurate. Some of them controversial, some of them calls to actions, and some of them just little anecdotes about the here and now. Once on our world trip (I can almost taste the salty ocean, feel my hair get frizzy and smell the wonderful ocean air… have I mentioned, we’ll be spending loads of time close, at or on the ocean?), I want to take you with me on this wonderful journey, where ever we may go. I can tell you this much, there will be no snow, no gloves, no thick jackets… bikinis and flipflops are packed!

When I was younger, I always wanted to take some time off and go travel around the world. Back then my friends and I would fantasize about this ever so often but somehow, somewhere along the way, the dream got pushed back into the furthest, darkest corner of our every day lives and just never mentioned again. But in me, the idea was festering, gently bubbling underneath the surface, always ready to go. And now finally, in a week, A and I will head out and let the world inspire us. We are both so excited and anxious and ready for adventure.

So, my point is, that you should always take your time to do the things you love… Write a blog post or go on a world trip. Or maybe it’s not moving from the sofa for an entire day, or going for a car ride into the middle of nowhere, or maybe it’s just doing nothing. These days, we’re not so good at taking care of ourselves, we get easily distracted and all of a sudden a million things become more important than the one thing, that was supposed to mean the world to us. Use this as a reminder, to not lose sight of the important things in life and stay excited, seek adventure and never give up on your dreams.

Find your reasons why you do what you do and fully embrace it, it’s what makes life so incredibly, amazingly interesting.

Lastly, I want to use this opportunity to thank my wonderful husband, who has been everything but easy in the last almost 9 years. You read correctly, he can be a real pain! But I wouldn’t want to live a day without him. He is my absolute everything and never in a million years could I ever have imagined someone as magnificent as he is. A helped me plan the world trip (to be fair though, I did 99% of the planning, he is just lucky to be invited, which is what A keeps telling me about our wedding, suggesting that I didn’t do anything to plan the wedding (he didn’t let me) and that I was lucky to have gotten an invite). Who would have thought that these two young kids nine years ago would ever get to go, where they’re about to go…?

A and me on our first date



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