In about 48 hours A and I will be on our way to La-La-Land (also known as Los Angeles). Although we’ve lived in the US for quite some time and we both, independently have traveled to the west coast, we’ve never made it out to LA. There’s actually a lot of places that we live close to, that we’ve never been to, like Stockholm for instance. Really, it’s only about a four or five our train ride from Oslo, but somehow, we just never made it there… well, maybe next year. Come to think of it, we have a layover on the way to LA in Stockholm, that counts, right?

Both, A and I are incredibly excited. I – for one – am excited because shortly after LA I will be snorkeling in the Pacific, trying to convince all the whales to adopt me and take me with them. A – on the other hand – will be asking every thirty seconds whether or not we could be done and get back on the boat already… but I’m getting ahead of myself. So, on Friday morning we will make our way to LA, fingers crossed, everything runs smoothly.

And once there we will do all the touristy things one can cramp into less than five ours, you know: Hollywood sign, walk of fame and all of the fun stuff in between. You may think us crazy for not spending much more time in LA, goodness knows, there is so much to see and do and eat, but honestly, both A and I are deadly afraid of being sucked into La-La-Land and never leave. And yes, given the freezing temperatures in Oslo right now (this morning I saw negative 15°C i.e. really, really, really cold or if you are an iPhone user: the temperature where you walk out with your phone and it immediately dies), there is a good chance that we may stay in sunny LA.

Much like Pinocchio in the land of toys, we would quickly but surely turn into happy, sunny side up, enjoyable human beings who would sit in traffic forever and still would have a pretty good life, surf’s up dudes and dudettes… Ohoh, it’s happening already…

Pinocchio in La-La-Land
Pinocchio in La-La-Land

Anyways, so La-La-Land will be our first stop and we cannot wait to finally, after a whole year of planning, thinking, figuring out, saving up money and whatever else have you, we are almost ready to leave.

I cannot wait for you all to see what all we have planned, but I’ll tell you this much: it will be one amazing and thrilling and exciting adventure and for once – ever since smart phones became so advanced – we will only check our emails every other hour instead of every hour, we’ll be on vacation after all… Isn’t that right, A? 🙂

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