Breath of Fresh Air.

Air is life. We all know that. No air = no life, I think we can all agree on that. There is nothing like fresh air after a long hard day at work… I wish there were proper words to describe how fresh air smells, but the best I can come up with is rejuvenating. Especially, the first couple steps out of the office, when you may stop and smell the air and you may sigh of relief. Air changes everything (literally and figuratively).

This week, I am not going to lie, has been incredibly tough. I’ve had to deal with rejection, tied up all work-related loose ends, made sure my backpack was packed with everything I could possibly need around the world (I am sure I’m forgetting something but at this point, who cares?), I had some social outings and last night I took out A to watch the premier of Star Wars (no worries, no spoilers here, although it feels incredibly awesome, having this sort of power over die-hard fans, but I WILL NOT abuse the power… or will I?)

But through all of this, the one thing that kept me happy was a breath of fresh air. It’s the most simplest thing, actually, it’s what we do every day, every second but we hardly think about it, but when you had the worst of days, that fresh air is life. So, today, I went for a walk and did just that, breath. Breath in and out. In and out. You’d think I wouldn’t have to remind myself to do that, but every now and then I catch myself holding my breath. It’s just me dealing with stress sometimes, forgetting how to breath.

I think, we all do that from time to time, we just don’t breath, we haste through the day, try to get as many things checked off our to-do list as possible and simply forget to take a second to ourselves and breath. I know, I am not the only one, I know that many people struggle with this, especially now during Christmas time. You rush from one store to the other, trying to get the perfect gift for your niece’s new boyfriend’s baby sister’s guinea pig.

So in between, just do something for yourself and take a walk, take a break, take a breather and let the world pass by. It won’t fix anything, it won’t resolve anything, your stress is not going to be less and you will still rush to finish your to-dos, but although a breath of fresh air does none of these things, it feels good. And you deserve to feel good, so don’t underestimate fresh air.

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Some information on fresh air, available here.

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