Oh, the places we may go…

2017 has been everything and nothing like I expected. It’s been a whirlwind of craziness, most of which I successfully already forgot. Seriously, this year there was so much going on around the world, it’s hard to keep up. I really don’t remember half of the things that happened (and I’m guessing in most cases, that’s a good thing). But in the midst of it, we tend to forget that we too matter and that our lives don’t stagnate. We move on, regardless – or rather despite – what is going on in the greater world, and we need to remember that, so we can excitedly embrace the next month as well as the next year.

It is the season, to reflect, the season to thank the ones that have been with you through the years, but especially through the last. It is the season to think about what you want to accomplish in the next year, excitedly envision what may or may not happen in all kinds of parts of your live. So, to get you in the mood to reflect on your own year, here are some photos of my last year, with a few things of what I accomplished, where I traveled, and where I just absolutely did nothing:

January – And so it begins, bright future, happiness in my eyes, even after 9 hours of driving to North Carolina for my masters data collection.
February – 8th year meet-relationship-wedding-anniversary with A in Warsaw (of course it was snowing…)
March – Taking a break from writing my masters, headed to Copenhagen, wishing I was a whale, swimming in the deep blue.
April – Sunday Funday, watching a movie, making popcorn and doing absolutely nothing (a rarity in our household)
May – Spent 32 hours in Berlin with the bestie to see Ed Sheeran (BEST. CONCERT. EVER.) Also, most exhausting trip ever, although all we did was getting massages, chatter away and sing along…
June – A quick getaway to Amsterdam, before we jetted to Geneva, so A could amaze the UN, which he did.
July – Summers in Oslo are the absolute best! We took a boat trip in the Oslo fjords, although windy and not warm at all, we had fun.
August – Amazing vacation in Chios, where A’s family is from. I could get used to the Greek way of living. Oh the food, and the weather, and the beaches…
September – I surprised my mom and my brother for their birthdays and got in return surprised by a swollen eye.
October – presented my masters in front of 100+ people in Gothenburg. My whale-photo stayed up there for hours!
November – Spent Thanksgiving in the US, upon return I passed out while emptying my suitcase, the yoga mat, while brushing my teeth and last but not least on my sofa. Never made it into bed the first night.

So yes, this year has been bananas, through and through. But it’s been a great year so far and I am sure, as we head into the last two weeks of December, it’s getting only better. For now, A and I are at the airport, moments away from our world trip, first stop: to LA. Happy oh the places you may go, everyone!

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