24 hours in…

Oh wow. We’re 24 hours into our world trip and man, I couldn’t be happier. I was afraid we wouldn’t make our LA flight but turns out, Norwegian Air thought of everything and we were through customs in less than 5 minutes. All flights to the US have amped up their security, so surprisingly A got grilled at the gate, you know, being all American and what not. But all went smooth. We got on the plane and into our seats and it was smooth sailing from there. Norwegian Air was awesome, of course, I don’t know if I would feel the same if a third person would have sat in our row but the two of us sat comfortably. 11 hours later we landed in LA and caught the tail end of the 5.30 pm sunset, which is far more sun than we have seen in the last three months.

A and me seconds after we landed. Super excited.

TSA took less than 5 minutes and we had the rental quicker than we could spell our last name. So we figured, it was early, why not get some sight seeing in – said no person living in LA on Friday afternoon EVER. But we were wrongfully optimistic and made our way to the Griffith observatory to see the Hollywood sign. This only took about an hour and a half for 17 miles. That was longer than our flight to Sweden or the security questioning or anything ever. Now remember, we don’t own a car and the rare occasions we do sit in traffic are actually in the US, but to us the drive seemed endless…

Eventually we made our way to the observatory only to realize that at night LA does not light up the Hollywood sign, so we saw it, but we didn’t really see it… let that be a lesson to all of you… the view, however, was stunning.

The illusion of the Hollywood sign at night...

We had planned to go to the Walk of Fame but by 8 o’clock we were too tired and exhausted to endure any more traffic so instead we headed to Pasadena and passed out at a lovely hotel. Of course, Jetlag is relentless so at 4 am we were ready to go and hit the gym… followed by a three hour nap, because we can! Also, if you see me on the streets with that stupid thing on my face, it’s called a smile and I’m loving every single second of this trip already.

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