Valley of Fire

On our last full day in and around Las Vegas we decided to drive to The Valley of Fire and be inspired. The Valley is about an hour long drive away from the Las Vegas strip and definitely a worth while stop that no one should miss. Especially if you like rocks, sand and a wild imagination.

Valley of Fire

Unlike the Grand Canyon, The Valley of Fire apparently does not pose a death threat to A, mainly despite knowing that snakes and scorpions and anything else scary and deadly were in close proximity (we saw numerous evidence of that). We drove around for about two hours, got out of the car at a million and a half different viewpoints and took hundreds of silly, and some not so silly photos. Oh and of course, I collected a few pounds of sand in my shoes…

A and me at The Valley

Las Vegas was interesting, filled with crazy amazing landscapes and a million and a half of firsts for both A and me (but what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…). But for now, it’s time to pack up the backpack and head to Hawaii, change of scenery and landscape, but don’t be alarmed, there too are quite a few things A is afraid of…


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