Hawaiian jetlag

I am thoroughly exhausted, from head to toe. Jetlag is no joke but if I could any place to cure the jetlag, Hawaii is the place to do it! This morning, A and I had an Açaí bowl while sitting with flip-flops and shorts outside a cute little cafe. It was the most amazing, most simple and most needed experience ever.

It allowed us to regroup and reassess what we wanted to do. So we decided to drive up to Diamond Head, where we were greeted by all of Oahu’s tourists at the same time so instead we decided to drive around the island and enjoy all that Oahu has to offer and it is a lot, even when there’s a lot – and I mean A LOT – rain. Thanks La Niña (also for the frizzy humid air!!!)

Some Jetlag silly faces
Some Jetlag silly faces

But that didn’t dampen our excitement! Oahu’s island is simply amazing, lots of incredible views, lots of crazy high waves and oddly also lots of detours and construction… but we made due with amazing Hawaiian snacks and drinks and everything else you need to feel amazing. So yes, our first day in Hawaii was simply amazing and we cannot wait for what else Hawaii has to offer!

A and I at the Waimea Waterfalls
A and I at the Waimea Waterfalls

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