Skipping Christmas.

This year, A and I decided to skip Christmas altogether, sort of. Our world trip is of course the gift to each other and for ourselves but other than that, we decided to leave Christmas decorations, trees and anything else Christmasy behind. Because Christmas is more than a place decorated with loads of glitter, on a day where you give each other expensive gifts that you could get for yourself. Christmas is much more. It’s an amazing occasion to spend time with your loved ones, recharge your figurative batteries and taking it easy… 

Merry Christmas from Hawaii
Merry Christmas from Hawaii

And because we’re on the way to Australia right now, we will do just that on the plane. Because of the time difference we will leave on December 24th early in the morning and arrive late in Sydney, on December 25th. So, literally we will skip the Day of Christmas but that doesn’t mean that we won’t celebrate in spirit, flying over the Pacific and making our dreams come true. So, this Christmas, get out of your comfort zone, make your dreams come true and remember that Christmas is not about the place or the gifts but rather who you spend it with.

Happy Holidays,


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