All I want for Christmas…

We’ve only been in Australia for a few hours, so there is little I can tell about our fourth stop just yet, you know other than the Airbnb incident… Fear not though, we will be here for about two weeks, so there will be lots of stories to tell. But I want to tell you about our last day in Hawaii!

Although we already went on one boat trip, I couldn’t travel all the way to Hawaii and pass up the opportunity to go again! So A, at first reluctantly but then realizing how awesome snorkeling is, happily agreed. Around 10.30 in the morning, hopeful to see dolphins, whales and all kinds of other wildlife we got suited up and got on a zodiac, much to A’s dismay. He didn’t seem the boat safe enough but yet still quietly sat down and held on for dear life (the sea was calm and the weather great, so really no reason to be scared). Within less than twenty minutes we came across a pod of dolphins and were instructed to quietly slip into the water and just to hang out, no splashing, no frantic movement, just hanging out… And the dolphins seemed to be alright with us, they stayed around our group for about 10 minutes until they had enough of us.

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen dolphins in the wild, but it’s always special and awesome and just genuinely exciting to see these beauties go about their own business. A, for the first time ever, got to see them in the wild and I tried to look at his face and detected the slightest excitement paired with fear for what bigger animals could show up. But he remained calm and then excitedly detected a turtle, which seemed to be going more his speed than the dolphins, but either way, he was in the water enjoying himself.

The next coup,e hours, although paired with some snorkeling where we saw more turtles, puffer fishes and loads of reef fishes, we spent looking for whales. But seem the second I saw a big navy ship close by, I knew that our quest would remain fruitless. Especially because the locals confirmed they rarely or ever get big ships like that, so of course, when these ships show up, the whales disappear, easy math, really (also, I’d gladly send you my masters thesis if you don’t believe me, maybe science would do the trick?)

Be that as it may, the sun was shining, the sea calm and we got to zip around on a zodiac for quite some time. The crew was desperately trying to find whales, because it is the whale watching season in Hawaii after all, but you would have never known that anything lived under the surface, that’s how calm and see through the water was. Eventually we came across a pod of excited dolphins, who fought the currents but seemed to be enjoying showing off their skills.

Throughout all, A was excited and giddy, although he didn’t care for boating in the rougher parts of the island. Maybe also because he had heard that there were also sharks in the area, but that’s a different story…

So, our last day in Hawaii was definitely a success, even if we didn’t get to see whales. At least I was able to share my love for the ocean with A and that’s really all I could have asked for…

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