From bad to worse…

24 hours into Our Australia adventure and everything (mostly me) fell apart. On top of rearranging our next couple of weeks I fell severely ill. Not just a little cough, but coughing so hard that A literally just told me (rather angrily barked at me) that I should stop what I was doing (working, mostly… just because I am halfway around the world, doesn’t mean my work doesn’t travel with me and the December deadline is approaching fast, plus I basically haven’t worked since we left Oslo and work has been piling up mile high…) and should just get into bed and get better already. His words were, “I didn’t travel all that way, saw the Grand Canyon and went snorkeling just so you can get sick when we’re finally in the place you had wanted to come to for over a decade!” Rather considerate, actually…

So in the last 24 hours, we basically had to abandon our Airbnb, find a hotel, rearrange our plans and work. We did absolutely nothing fun today, other than maybe eating Chinese in a dingy hole in the wall place… actually, that was fun! We also had planned a lovely dinner at the Sydney Opera House at night but my cough is really nothing anyone should be exposed to, so we put a pin into that plan…

But either way, tomorrow we are off to see different parts of Australia and when we come back we’ll explore Sydney (we have to… otherwise we traveled all that way and didn’t even see Sydney?!). Sometimes this is just how it goes, the best laid out plans simply don’t work out, but I’m in my comfy pants on a comfy bed, no creepy crawlers in sight and feel, although sickly, very loved and happy. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world, right now… I’m sure A feels the same way.

The view from my hotel bed...

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